Best of 2010

HaroldoNVU: Best of 2010 
 [Under Construction - Subject to Changes]
The more fitting name to this list would be "the Best of 2010 I did not play except one". I don't usually buy new releases and even though I own half of these games I only played one of them. This list is about my Impressions based on other sources like friend's recommendations, reviews, quick looks, bombcast discussions and whatnot.  
You might be raging right now, yelling at your monitor, covering it in spit: "HOW DARE YOU make a list?". The thing is, a lot people here will give judgement on games they also never played. The difference is I'm straight up admitting. PLEASE, feel free to completely disregard my opinion and hit the red "no" in the bottom of the list. This is more of a time capsule of "what I thought were kinda neat games back in day", so I can see what I thought of those games after I've played them.

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