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What this guy said. It simply may be that there aren't enough people who love Giant Bomb (even if everyone gave money) to keep the operation running. I think Jeff's PR-speak sounding so sarcastic was on purpose. He doesn't like PR-speak. We all know this. Noone likes a merger, including the GB guys. But they have to keep the lights on somehow, and if CBS was willing to say "here's some money, please be a good site that hardcore gamers like, unlike our other brand, which has been dragged through the mud!", then that sounds good to me.

Plus, I get the sense that the GB guys hated leaving Gamespot, and never harbored the hate most of their fans do towards them.

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@heat said:

But it hasn't transitioned yet?

A lot of people have said this, and I think this is simply the advantage GB has in this situation over Tested. That is, GB can afford, thanks to the fact that CBSi wants to keep the GB brand alive in its current state, to keep the site as-is for a few months. They mentioned the site transition/redesign in the video and layed out a general roadmap of how it will happen. Tested didn't really have the opportunity to brace their community aside from "hey guys, the site will look different tomorrow". If Tested could have looked the same and just reflected the new content (like GB will) for a month or two before the redesign, some storms may have been less shit-filled.

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Not next week, no. I'm not the biggest fan of RE, but that would seem to be an advantage with this game.

When it gets cheaper/a decent PC port comes out, I'll probably convince my friends to get it and play co-op for a week or so before shelving it. But honestly, that won't be until much, much later.

Unless it really is just total shit.

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Wow, next thing you know they'll let me invert the color scheme or some other nonsense!

But really, I often ended up on the other sites thanks to the footer. Would have never seen Bricked otherwise, I will miss it as well.