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not your avrage rally game, or is it? 0

Altough motorstorm bring new expectations to to the table in rally games it's still missed the mark on being a truely brilliant game.NOTE this review dose NOT inclued the extra downloadable contentthe tracks are complex and will take a while for you to get to grips with them as you dont get to chose a vehicle and a track instead the developers thoght they would do it for you, as you only have one game mode "motorstorm" which is like a tournement were you get tickets to enter a race in a certain ...

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Not the burnout i remember, but good though... 1

Although its still called burnout it's completely different to the previous games.It's still about cars and driving insanely fast but it's not as fast pasted as burnout 3 and the others were.If you're a new comer to the franchise you should just plain like it but if you are looking for the burnout you love and remember, prepare to be surprised. If it's a good or bad surprise it depends what you're looking for. If you want a sandbox style racer, look no further, but if you want the old burnout si...

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