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Man that framerate. Yeah yeah Demo.

But your not going to release a single from an album that was recorded in your toilet are you.

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Pre ordered Fallout 4 and starters last week.

The reasons are that I like to just get stuff sorted early and there is 100% chance that I will get both game early. I have been getting games up to 5 days early recently.

I work weekends so having somethine turn up on a tuesday is golden.

I expect to get Fallout 4 by thursday maybe friday.

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This reminds me of the "Halo 2 is out this Friday" rumour which I fell for 16 years ago.

If it said November I'd believe it but this is one game we will get fair warning on I'm sure.

I am expecting it this year though they have to be careful not to drown in the sea of Star Wars but ride the surf of it success instead.

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I'm kinda suspicious because this game is available for preorder at around £29.99 (I know this is the film trailer)

I know that's technically a million dollars and disgustingly expensive to our American friends but in the land of kings it's quite cheap.....as in budget title cheap.

Or did I miss something ?

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I remember overdosing on the first Assasins Creed game many years ago. I am completely imune to its smoke and mirrors.I know I don't want anything to do with it that's for sure, but watching the recent trailer for Syndicate made me think why I'm overlooking this entire series.

It's because it's called Assasins Creed and I've already formed my opinion on that brand but what if it wasn't called Assasins Creed?

If the game was just called Syndicate without the Assasins Creed brand name attached would we all be talking about it? Perhaps drueling over its shiny graphics and high production values?

At what point does attaching a well established brand name to your product start to negatively impact its performance at retail?

I feel Watchdogs was a great example. Release a piece of shit game with shiny graphics and seemingly high production values then laugh at you struggle to find space for all the cash that's been thrown at you.

If Watchdogs was called Assasins Creed Watchdogs do you think it would have been pre ordered so heavily or anticipated so highly that it warranted an instant purchase on release?

I think UBI are missing a trick here. There's so many more people they could be screwing!

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Being a guy who has been online console gaming since 2002 when I was one of the first few thousand on the Xbox Live Beta test i'm loving these "free" game packages. I spent about 13 years with Xbox and received only 1 game (Doritos Crash Course) free for my troubles. I totally appreciate new games to try out every month, I'm in the half of gamers that think this is something quite special rather than something that destroys my hopes and dreams every month.

That said.... I think I own Super Meat Boy in at least two other places. It's getting real old now but maybe the Vita version will give it more life?

As for Broken Age. Monkey Island 2 is extremely special to my life. It's a landmark. Grim Fandango is a landmark for another place in my life but after playing the piss poor "Remaster" I think I have a passionate hatred for Tim Schafer. :(

Could they have put any less effort into the Grim Fandango remaster? Also F**K those non-sensical puzzles! It was like an old girlfriend finding you in your new life and saying "yeah by the way, you were awful in bed, your breath smelt and your the worst kisser ever...but i still think your dad was great"

Also what is this bullshit they have given us on Vita this month? Oh well. I might not like the games sometimes but you can't argue at the value. Kinda like Pot Noodle.

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I hear these stats ALL the time and it's utter tosh.

I'm 35 so tick that box. I don't and haven't ever known a single female remotely interested in games.I know they're out there, somewhere. They're just absolutely nowhere near the number quoted.

The closest I get to seeing it is the cleavage on display on twitch. That shit just angers me.

I don't count anything to do with mobile platforms. The difference between the games industry and mobile industry is huge. You all know this of course. Don't kid yourself for arguments sake. 99.9% of the mobile games industry would not fly on a home console and core fans.

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Wow thanks for the tip!

I actually in the back of my suspected that happened previously but didn't think this would be the outcome.

Ive just been searching around the other bases for secrets now

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@ripelivejam: this is my first proper Metal Gear game and I prepared by playing the hell out Ground Zeroes and catching up on story. I watched over 3 hours of story stuff from Peace Walker on YouTube (day before dan and drews video went up actually) and despite it being just sketches with voice over and the very occasional gameplay clip it was throughly entertaining. it felt substantial and well rounded.

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@kevin_cogneto: If I was a reviewer (and we all are with our own purchases) I wouldn't mark it down for not having enough dialogue from the main character. I criticise it because of a couple of unnatural moments.

I would mark it down for falling short on a technical level and it's difficulty actually.

I feel over powered and find it easy to wipe out an entire base within a handful of minutes without raising an alarm. Strangely though, I like some of the the technical short cummings because they are so typical of Japanese video games. It's got that Japanese goofiness I find uplifting.

It's still one of the games of the year for sure. Possibly top 5 as of now.

It's Hideo Game of the year for sure. (see what I did there...see?)