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Bravely Default is A Ok

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Engrossing combat and mechanics and a story line that doesn't truly deliver. 0

Having just finished Bioshock Infinite I feel as though I am at odds with myself. The part of me that expounds the virtues of gameplay and nothing else vs the side the values story above all else and Infinite has left me at odds due to narrative failures not gameplay ones. Infinite continues the trend of excellent gunplay, interesting powers, and fun upgrades in a novel setting that in so many words defined the first two. While at the same time offering more customization, further powe...

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An unfulfilled potential for greatness 8

Atlus's latest US release Code of Princess has an unfulfilled potential for greatness marred by technical issues, a shallow plot, and erratic character designs but, through it all it manages to show that the beat em' up RPG sub-genre is still alive and well.A spiritual successor to Treasures' classic Guardian Heroes, Code of Princess blends classic side-scrolling beat-em-up action with RPG leveling mechanics and loot with moderate success. The game follows standard JRPG conventions of having the...

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