2014 in video games

Worst trend: (Big) (budget) games don't work (at launch)

On a related note:

The Giant Bomb Please Stop award from 2013: "Games that require post-launch apologies"

Future Trend: 2015 will be the year of Victorian England as a setting.

Take a Break: Assassin's Creed/Ubisoft

Most Disappointing Game: Destiny

Successor to the Northies: The Baker's Dozen - The 12 best Troy Baker performances of the year.

The "Oh god why doesn't someone make this game?" award: A highlander video game goddamnit. Use Shadow of Mordor as a template and make that game! Hell reboot that entire franchise too. Don't put in any story or character connections at all, just the basic concepts of a group of immortal beings chopping each other's heads off to gain more power.


Gunslinger Girl

I need to post this to remind myself just how good the Gunslinger Girl manga is.

It still amazes me how a concept so vulnerable to gross fanservice and fetishization turned out to be this depressing and thought-provoking.

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The problem with escapism.

Posting this to remind myself of this question from time to time.

Is escapism becoming a problem? Why did Yoda reprimand Luke Skywalker again?

Wouldn't a person who's happier with their real life be less inclined to try and escape to an imaginary one?


Looking back...

Ryan Davis' preposterously untimely passing has me digging through my history with the Bombardiers.

It's hard to believe I've been following the gang's shenanigans for over a decade now. It must have been the year 1999 or 2000 when I first started following Gamespot in earnest. Mostly because that's when I managed to get my hands on somewhat decent internet for the first time. It was the place to be for everything video games back then and it would only get better and better into the new decade right up to the double whammy of Greg Kasavin leaving and Jeff Gerstmann's firing in 2007. Like many others, that was the day I left Gamespot.

More to come?

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