2011 - the shit

I bought the Witcher 2, day one, but it puts my computer in a chokehold so that's on hold until further notice. Burnt out on Skyrim after a few hours; the core of the game remains tremendously unappealing to me. From Fallout 3 on down (I put my share of hours into Morrowind when it came out) I've been lukewarm on Bethesda's particular style of open worlds. Oh well.

List items

  • Really, really funny. The puzzles are good fun but never all that taxing; the real meat here is the script and the heart.

  • A wonderful surprise, and beautifully crafted in toto.

  • Cyberpunk as balls...if it was even half the game it turned out as, I'd love it for that alone. The setting and style captivated me; really a triumph of art direction and atmosphere, not to mention a vent fetishist's dream.

  • Batshit. So many great gags and smart open-world streamlining, even if the gameplay itself is familiar. A lot of the game's appeal comes from that stuff around the run-and-gun; but then that's how I felt about GTA IV as well.

  • I love anime...and Vincent's endless internal struggle is straight out of anime 101. I liked the block-pushing and the game's fiction; it's not for everyone. I'm sure you've made up your mind on this one, and if you haven't, two minutes with the demo should yield a decision.

  • A great compromise between survival horror and action. Tense all the way through, with a snappy plot. Everything about it is just so polished; the sound, the graphics, the controls, the pacing. One of the few games I've been unable to put down in recent memory.

  • Gets repetitive, but the art direction is beautiful and frequently awe-inspiring. The combat is Bayonetta-lite, which is fine by me, but the occasional lock-on niggles and the frankly airheaded decision to extend chapters nearly three times past their expiration date mean it can be a chore to plow through. The plot is interesting, and goes to some seriously disturbed places - and the asylum level! Yeah, it's not about the moment-to-moment play with this one.

  • Batman, son...the hell else do you want. The city is not as distinct a locale as the asylum, sure, but the improvements to the mechanics are really great and the sheer volume of Batman lore they've stuffed in really smoothed over the rough edges for me.

  • Really fun, solid stuff. The story mode was great too, as we all know.


  • Mainly on here for the Genesis levels, as classic Sonic. Tons of annoying things about this game, but none of them are new. The stuff they've fixed is to be commended. Fuck new Sonic and fuck his friends, though.