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Battlefield 1943 0

In a market dominated by shooters, it is inevitable that the usual run-and-shoot gameplay that comes with these games will begin to become a bore to most players; after all, how long can one play Call of Duty before the excitement of grenades exploding and spawn camping becomes as dull as a rock? Battlefield 1943 manages to avoid this curse in a stellar way because of its large-scale multiplayer battles, accessability, and overall unique charm, especially for a Playstation Network game only pric...

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Bioshock for the Playstation 3. 0

Bioshock is a critically acclaimed action game, that has received much praise for its art design and story. Beginning with your crash landing in the underwater city of Rapture, to the insanity of the genetically enhanced Splicers you will encounter, Bioshock delivers on most of its critical acclaim; however there are issues that can not be avoided that truly take away from an otherwise fantastic game. One of Bioshock's main advantages is the phenomenal art design. No game before has ever looked ...

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Fear 2: Project Origin 0

The original F.E.A.R. was a game that combined an intense, action movie-like shooter with a terrifying, atmospheric horror movie, with a story that rivals even the most dramatic flims of our time. F.E.A.R. was followed by two expansion packs, which were headed by Sierra; unfortuantely, they could not live up to the bar that the original game had set for itself. Now with Monolith back in the helm of the project F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin promises to bring the series back to its original glory wit...

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Little Big Planet 0


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Resistance 2 0

Resistance: Fall of Man was one of the most popular and successful games to debut on the Playstation 3's opening year. It graced players with an excellent single player campaign, an interesting story, and an online multiplayer that was on par with that of the wildly popular Halo series. It was inevitable that fans would expect a bigger, more action-packed sequel to continue the story of Nathan Hale, and Insomniac delivers in every way with Resistance 2.The story begins immediately after the even...

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Siren: Blood Curse 0

The original Forbidden Siren was released on the Playstation 2 in 2003; however, Siren never truly achieved a mainstream fanbase in North America, but has achieved a cult status in the genre of Survival- Horror. Now, in 2008, Siren: Blood Curse brings new light to the franchise with new graphics, fantastic gameplay, and a story that will resonate in my mind for as long as I play games.The story begins with an American documentary crew filming Hanuda Village, a Japanese village that supposedly di...

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