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Saving Content - Trials HD DLC BIG CONTEST!

My website has 6 DLC codes to give away for Trials HD: 

The RedLynx guys have been kind enough to give us 6 DLC codes for Trials HD. There are 3 for Big Pack DLC and 3 for the Big Thrills DLC. So we’re going to give them away! The DLC does require the full game of Trials HD for Xbox Live Arcade, found here and costs 1200 Microsoft Points or $15 USD.

How to Enter:

  1. You must become a fan of our Facebook page by pressing the “Like” button as a base entry.
  2. Next, there will be a separate post on the Facebook page for the Big Pack DLC and for the Big Thrills DLC.
  3. Then, “Like” the post you want the DLC for, and that will cast a full entry into the drawing. You CAN enter into both DLCs if you don’t have it.

And that’s it! We will not accept Twitter replies or Comments in this post as an entry, only on Facebook.


Winners will be contacted and announced by February 28th with their respective DLC codes!