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Origin ID: HawkSE

Availability: Sunday-Saturday from 7pm-12am Pacific

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Weird. We are definitely not hosted by GoDaddy so those wouldn't be the reasons why. Glad others were able to read it.

Also, sorry for the lack of politeness!

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I certainly have been seeing the same amount of comments almost everywhere about their opinion of MW3, but all they do is complain and then keep playing. That puzzles me...

I enjoyed Black Ops a ton on PC and enjoyed the servers that host "Nuketown 24/7" as their rotation, disregarding playlists. I'm not going to debate whether BF3 or MW3 but I feel (for me) I made the best choice and always find Battlefield 3 engaging, strategic, frenetic, and colorful at all times. If you haven't played it, I suggest finding videos of matches before you invest and see if playing something else will be invigorating. The drawback here is that there isnt variation to gametypes via playlist updates or "stupid fun", the matches only break down to Rush, Conquest, and Team Deathmatch modes.

Now you mentioned the classics Doom, Quake, and Unreal. I've been playing in another, revived classic: Tribes Ascend from Hi-Rez Studios. They have crafted a beautiful game with tons of customization and beautiful graphics. If you have a decent PC to play competitive FPS' you should head to the Tribes Ascend Facebook page and get yourself a Beta key just for a 'Like'. It is the fastest FPS out there, including mastering the use of the jetpack for flight and also utilizing the "skiing" mechanic in which you have feet jetpacks that accelerate you going downhill and then use main jetpack to fly and have tons of momentum. Different character classes allow for slower or faster movement.

It just seems to me you've got Call of Duty fatigue if the subtitle isn't "Black Ops" and you need to explore some new options possibly.

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In all honesty, at the time - when we heard the soundtrack to SSX3 we didn't know a lot of the artists or collaborations. Now, as far as On Tour goes that was a familiar soundtrack. Maybe this SSX will have a soundtrack to remember when looking back

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In response to the thread: http://www.giantbomb.com/ssx/61-33393/ssx-2012-music/35-534361/ - I present to you this listing I just got from EA (I've also added this to the wiki page):

SSX - Full Soundtrack Listing



Camo & KrookedBreezeblock
Camo & KrookedPortal
DelsCapsize ft. Joe Goddard & Roots Manuva
DJ ShadowI Gotta Rock (Irn Mnky Swagger Mix)
Felguk ft. ExamplePlastic Smile
Flux PavilionI Can't Stop
Foster the PeopleHoudini
Handsome FursDamage
J Boogie's Dubtronic ScienceMagik (Egyptian Lover Remix) ft. Aima the Dream, Cait La Dee & Raashan Ahmad
Kid DigitalDone With That ft. Profit
Konrad Old MoneyBig Error
Lateef the TruthspeakerOakland ft. Del the Funky Homosapien & The Grouch
NoisiaCould this Be
NoisiaMachine Gun
Pretty LightsHot Like Dimes
RaffertieTwitch (It Grows and Grows: SSX Version)
Run-DMCIt’s Tricky (SSX Pretty Lights Remix)
SkrillexScatta ft. Foreign Beggers & Bare Noize
Styrofoam OnesBetter
The Big PinkStay Gold
The HerbaliserWhat You Asked For
The Hives1000 Answers
The Naked and FamousYoung Blood
The PrototypesYour Future
The QemistsBones ft. Kellermensch
The QemistsStompbox
The QemistsLifeline
Theophilus LondonI Stand Alone (Ocelot Mix)
TurbowolfA Rose for the Crows
Two Door Cinema ClubSomething Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)
Wretch 32Traktor
Zion I and the GrouchDrop It on the 1

So 36 tracks in total, and 10 are in-game composed for the Deadly Descents tracks.

Here's my full story: http://www.savingcontent.com/2012/02/ssx-full-soundtrack-revealed/

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I'm in. I pre-purchased SSX. Can't wait for the next two weeks.

GT: Hawk SE

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My Maniaplanet username: hawkse

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