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If you are on the fence about whether or not to get this game, read on. First, I am a fan of the show Adventure Time on Cartoon Network as are my children. I was hoping that this game would be fun and engaging enough for us to play together. However, the controls require an odd amount of precision at times that leaves my kids frustrated. They asked me to play it while they watched. For me, it was not at all challenging and most of the time I could survive any encounter by spamming the attack buttons. The enemies are so sparse that I collected every treasure on a level and never attacked once; I just avoided the enemies. That being said, I wanted to unlock the other characters found deeper in the dungeon; hoping that one of the others would be fun/simple enough for one of my kids to jump in and play.

I do not get mad at video games. I've never thrown a controller or "rage quit" or anything more than shout a few expletives at very tense moments (Damn you. Demon/Dark Souls!). However, this game made me so mad that blood started pouring out of my nose. (That actually happened, but it may be more due to the dry conditions in our house and my high blood pressure than anything in the game)

By far the most frustrating thing and the reason that I am taking time to write this is the frequency that this game freezes/crashes the system. This is exacerbated by long intervals between checkpoints with no way to save in-dungeon and having to replay 45 minutes of the game sometimes. I have two degrees in computer science and I am well versed in the causes and randomness usually attributed to system crashes and, with no exaggeration, this game crashed two PS3's multiple times.

After my nosebleed and the fifth time that the system crashed, I noticed that it was always on a boss level load-in. So, I took the game to another PS3 and played the first 5 levels (four and a boss) for 6 hours. The game successfully loaded into the boss level twice and crashed six times. I played through the next section (levels 16-20) where it loaded successfully three times and I did not restart after it failed the fourth load. The truly frustrating thing is that I was able to identify and reproduce this bug within 8 hours of owning it. That means that (without a doubt) the QA team knew about this issue and the game was still allowed to ship to retail.

If you are a fan of the show, you may want to wait until a patch is released to address the system crashing issues.

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I like this series and hope to see more like it in the future. It is refreshing to get real emotion and real communication without it being run through a PR filter. I cannot speak for everyone that reads game reviews, but I enjoy reading the "shit sandwich" reviews. Tell me what it does right, tell me what it does wrong, and tell me what makes it fun. Very few games (excluding shovelware) are worthless and I like to read reviews that tell me what a game has to offer; good, bad, or indifferent.