I'm going to go to camp.

I'll be back on Wednesday (or whenever your timezone in accordance).

Probably no internet connection. I will be severed from the endless stream of information.

Yuki Nagato under a starry night sky.
Yuki Nagato under a starry night sky.

I think this picture is one of the most beautiful things in the world. I'm a sucker for starry night skies.


Hazelnutman's Podcast 2

As (sorta) promised, I made the second podcast.

I think I'll start uploading one a week or something like that.

This one's a little more organized, a little more emotion, a lot more cowbell, a lot more EXTREME, a little funnier(?), a little bit shorter, a little bit stranger. Nevertheless, it's still a waste of time =D

Download it here.

Now I believe that BenderUnit22 now owes me some cake.

A blog without Yuki is like Superman without tights.


Hazel's Podcast: Waste 9 minutes!

So after a bunch procrastinating and stuff, I finally completed my podcast.

My programs kept crashing and stuff, so it was frustrating, which means I probably won't make another one really. I'm too damn lazy.

My usually monotone voice will make you bored, and the quality of the microphone was terrible. The editing sucked, the sound volume was inconsistent, and you have to DOWNLOAD it because I couldn't find a good MP3 streaming site.

Makes you curious eh?

So without further delay, here's a good way to waste a perfectly good 9 minutes out of your LIFE.

I'll post this on GameSpot sometimes later, but I recently did a blog there, so I'll wait.

Here's some delicious Nagato.



Today 1000 points, tomorrow the WORLD!

I have prepared this blog for this occasion like a greasy stalker waiting until his unsuspecting prey goes to sleep to make his naughty move.

Yup, so I finally reached 1000 points!

I’d say that the first 1000 points are the hardest because they require moderation to be approved, making the process a little slower. The key is to make so many submissions that the mods will have to stumble upon yours eventually, turning into large profits (or in this case, points). I don’t know 100% how the approval system works, but the more submissions the better!

So now I’m unrestricted in going crazy and contributing live. I guess my next goal is 5000 so I can make pages. However, I think that 5000 will actually be easier than 1000, and a lot faster. This is all, of course, a guess.

Huge thanks to the mods/staff who took time to approve. Special thanks to LtColJaxson: a true hero, martyr, patriot, and friend for the advice/help to help me through!


As you can see, my theme here on GiantBomb is Yuki Nagato, my favorite character in my favorite anime (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya).

If you want Lightning, then she’s at GameSpot, where she resides stalking you behind a waterfall in the jungles of Canada.


So I’ve decided to invest in a vocal recording microphone. I’m pretty sick of using my RockBand microphone to record my voice in crappy quality, so I’ll invest in a good microphone for singing/talking into (yeah, I enjoy singing too). Maybe start a podcast with a friend? I dunno… If anyone has any good recommendations for microphones, then that would be sweet. :P


I have no idea how to split my blogs between GameSpot and GiantBomb however. I don’t plan on putting the same blog on both sites, so there will have to be a balance. Hmm…


And finally, I’m going to start a new tradition for this place. In GameSpot, I would usually do my “Song of the Now”, but here, I think I’ll post some delicious Haruhi-themed pictures.

No Caption Provided

Thanks goes out to Forcen for this pic. I saw it on his profile page, searched the internet for the full picture, and found this.

Assassin’s Creed + Yuki? = a huge amount of win on a stick.

....and is it just me, or is it when I try to add captions, everything gets deleted :|


Hullo thar!

You might know me from GameSpot, or this may be the first time meeting.
Either way, I'd like to have a good time here as an active member.

Now if I can just figure out what this site really is, and how to add/find friends :|