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GOTY 2010

My thoughts on the best games for the year 2010.

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  • At the end of the day I'm going for the overall experience of the story than anything else. Easily the best story I've played since Uncharted 2. Insane boss fights, great atmosphere and graphics which includes Kratos being the best rendered character I've ever seen in gaming.

  • So polished, so complete in so many ways. While AC2 was the definition of what AC should've been, Brotherhood just finishes that off and tops it up with even more awesomeness. The Multiplayer is amazing too, very tactical and extremely fun.

  • For the overall package you get. A fantastic story, one of the best FPS stories I've ever played. Outside of that you get a great and addictive Zombies mode. Then there's the Competitive multiplayer that has gone closer to COD4 which was very good, not as strong as COD4 was overall and a little bit on the weaker side when compared overall but still very fun.

  • Put a good 60 hours into the main story campaign and have put in about 5-6 so far of the Undead Nightmare DLC. The main story campaign was a good solid overall story let down by a slow ending. The co-op is very fun and quite varied.

  • Was on it every day and loved the online world cup which progressed you through a world cup in a random opponent manner. It all worked very well and was rarely a lagged experience.

  • Great campaign that kept up the intensity and didn't feel forced at all, has one fantastic level based around snow, just brilliant creativity. Multiplayer is something that if it gets the hooks in, it can be hard to let go.

  • Terrific story, gameplay that was innovative and remained interesting throughout. Some intense sections as well. Mixes Saw challenges with Film Noir style and it works.

  • Great campaign that melds both sides of a story together for a great overall package. Plenty to be done in co-op, which spans the full campaign as well as a horde like mode. A fantastic, fast paced multiplayer as well to have fun with.

  • Another stellar installment to the yearly franchise. A little crazy when you bump it up to Legendary difficulty, but overall this game is extremely well polished and still adding and tweaking exactly what needs to be added and tweaked.

  • A bit of a cheat option, but I had never played the Sly series before. Very disappointed that I didn't as this is a superb set of games. The addition of trophies, HD graphics and 3D support make it one of the best games of 2010.