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GOTY 2012

2012 saw me play a huge list of games. Thanks in part to a big back catalogue of titles built up over the years, but also due to PS+ offering a wealth of free games.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Saints Row: The Third, Motorstorm: Apocalypse, Portal 2, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, Singularity, X-Men Origins Wolverine, The Darkness, Enslaved and Rayman Origins are the games that didn't release in 2012 that I managed to play through and finish this year.
That being said, I still managed to get through a good chunk of the big 2012 releases as well. Only missing Assassin's Creed 3 (AC fatigue), Dishonored and The Walking Dead (this one, only due to it being banned in Australia - will be picking it up on disc early next year).
So without further Apu, I give you my top 10 best games of 2012.

List items

  • Fun. Pure fun. That is the best way of describing this game. It mixes Red Dead Redemption's world depth with the animal hunting and flower picking and gives a genuine reason to do that stuff. And also brings in some Assassin's Creed with first person platforming that actually works! Ubisoft took what was a decent game with a heap of flaws in Far Cry 2 and turned the sequel around to be one that has, at worst, one or two flaws that shouldn't really affect your enjoyment of the game regardless. Fantastic game, I only wish there was just more and more and more. The only game I have got a Platinum for this year, and probably the most fun I've had going for one too. Even the co-op is great fun with a more linear format, but interspersed with some great moments of competitive play.

  • Hitman is back! While not necessarily better than ever, a great Hitman is still one that sits deep in my heart and I can look past the flaws if the meat of the package is at least still Hitman at it's core. Not for the rushers and requires an uber amount of patience, as well as plenty of trial and error. But as with past Hitman games there's a ton of ways to complete a level and most are rarely obvious from first look. Agent 47 has been away far too long, let's not make it this long until he's back again, ok Square?

  • Not only is this game one of the most underrated of the year, but it did something that not many games have managed to do in my history of gaming. Create an emotional story that bridges two games, while improving the 2nd game in every single aspect. It's so hard to describe what really makes this game so damn good. But a lot of it comes down to the fact that you really need to play the first one, just to appreciate not only how big of a leap this one came but how the story continued on so perfectly and kept the same level of emotional impact that the first had in spades (the first games only real redeeming feature). Although I know the lack of sales means this game likely won't see it to a trilogy, The Darkness became one of my absolute favourite gaming series with this 2nd instalment. I highly recommend this title.

  • An experience like no other. Playing through this game with two completely different, but no less amazing experiences is something I will never forget in gaming. The first playthrough was the more traditional playthrough that allowed me to see what the game was about. But the 2nd one will probably stick with me as one of the most amazing gaming experiences I've ever had. To make a long story short, I found someone in the game and went through about 2/3rds of the game with them, helping them out, them helping me, looking after them the whole time. Almost lost them in the very last moments of the game, only to see them waiting for me at the top of the mountain. It's just so unique, so different to your normal online experience where you're called the n-word or a n00b or whatever. This was an experience where you cared for the other person despite not knowing a damn thing about them. It was purely and simply, amazing.

  • As with Far Cry 3, the name of the game here is fun. Every feature, every enemy, every mission, every gun. All created in the name of pure fun. I had so much fun with this game that I ended up playing through the campaign a 2nd time immediately after finishing it the first time, which is something I rarely do for a game this long (around 20-40 hours for one playthrough). Absolutely, this game is one of the best value for money propositions in years. Whether in co-op or solo, this game is ridiculously fun and an improvement over the first game in every single way.

  • Still improving year after year as well as still being a market leader in how good sports titles are. FIFA 13 has all the modes you could want and vastly improved and nuanced gameplay over it's 2011 release. Ultimate Team is still as addicting as ever and Career mode fixed the issues that people had from the 2011 release as well. This game is always in my rotation and always sees a good 100+ hours put into it each year.

  • What a truly crazy game. A side scrolling platformer, that's also a dual stick shooter, where you control a dead rabbit that is prince of the underworld and rolls around in a saw blade for most of the game. With an amazing soundtrack to boot! You have 100 monsters to defeat and for each one you also get a mini-game. Then once you've defeated those monsters they get sent to an Island and can be put to work for rewards in game. This is better left to showing off than talking about. All I can say is that this game was one hell (pardon the pun) of a surprise and thanks to PS+ it was free too!

  • Just like Hitman, Max Payne is back! Although not quite hitting the highest of notes as Hitman did and turning more into a generic-ish 3rd person shooter with a great hook. This is a game where Max Payne feels more out of place and that it's a story just with Max Payne in it, rather than a story based around Max. However, Max Payne in anything is still a good thing and the gameplay is still rock solid, with the bullet time probably more fun than ever this time around with a few tweaks to it and the addition of the RAGE engine giving some fantastic rag doll and landing positions.

  • This game makes it in purely based on the campaign. Realistically, campaign alone I'd have this game probably up higher, but because this is 1/3rd of a game where the other 2/3rd's are dreadful, I am voting it down more. Treyarch crafted a truly unique, truly different but still COD at the core campaign here and I was astounded after going into it with very low expectations. There's impact, emotion, variety and most of all fun. The campaign doesn't feel like a re-tread, it feels unique to what has been done in the past and from that, it succeeds.

  • This is a truly neat little platformer. You play as a blob and collect music notes throughout the levels that end up creating your soundtrack for the game. Featuring one of the best gaming tracks of the year with Beck's 'Cities' coupled with an outstanding art style and crisp graphics, I found myself rocking along with just about every track and level in this game. Then to keep it going even more, there's a level creation suite and the ability to upload those levels online. So there's an infinite amount of levels to play out there, and some of them are genuinely awesome!