Getting a tooth pulled....

So i am about to go get one of my teeth yanked out of my mouth which just makes me keep thinking of the scene in Old Boy with the hammer and the guys mouth...If you have not seen old boy watch it its fucking genius.

Last night i started playing Mirrors Edge  which so far has been enjoyable but i don't think i would ever want to own it. For a rare change i am actually enjoying finding all the collectibles because i find the platforming to be fun.

So far i've gone through the first 3 levels (if you count the prologue) and i am hoping to beat it today or tomorrow after i get my tooth yanked out.



I guess i should update everyone i me and my girlfriend are now back together but i felt i needed to post about something else.

I cant fucking believe EGM is over i love giant bomb and ever since it launched i have enjoyed its podcasts much more than 1up but 1up is definitely a close second

Why do all the best people get fucking laid off i don't understand but hey maybe something great will come out of it. If it wasn't for Game spot's idiocy we would never have the wonder that is Giant bomb



So i just broke up with my girl friend and i feel lost I am the one that broke up but i still feel like i made the right choice i still keep thinking i want to go back with her i don't know what to do.



So I've been playing MKvsDC and it's really damn fun i rented it from gamefly.

Ive played through both story lines and i am now started to beat arcade mode with all the characters.

Although i am feeling a bit fatigued with the game I am debating if i should just send it back even though its super fun


Bye WoW

I just finally canceled my wow subscription after only playing the expansion for like 2 days.

Its basically more of the same bullshit and its really just not fun anymore.

My guild annoys the hell out of me now sometimes and they just like bossing me around so Ive decided to quit for the time being.

Although my account is still active till December so if i get back into it before then who knows.


holy poop

I really think that the NXE is going to waste so much time due to being able to watch netflix on my TV. I really think im going to just go crazy watching shit.
Also i really like the faster screens and the avatars arnt too bad more to come as i actually play games on my xbox but i love netflix so much right now


Gears of World of Warcraft

So yeah since Ive last posted i went and got gears launch night and played it till about 9 am at a friends house and ive  gotten Lich king so far i'm  only level 71 but im thoroughly enjoying all the quests

Also i have been playing a death knight and got it to 58 so far death knights are so damn fun and i think i may just have to level it instead of my druid

IN gears i have gotten to about act four and havnt gone back im really fucking enjoying it but WOW just sucked me away and i need to get back in there.

I am about to go play some GHWT drums because i want to start owning some of my friends

Also yesturday was the last day of my Play and we had a crazy after party, There was much drinking and we played strip dominoes there were girls making out and giving lap dances and basically making me realize that i really should get out into the real world more often


To much drama!

SO ive been doing these play practices for a play im going to be in called Idiot's Delight i have one like 5 days a week and im getting so fatigued of it i just want to play some damn games but when i get home i just want to sleep. Maybe i can write more about games a bit later but today and tomorrow i have play practice's

On a game note i cracked open Civilization Revolution and played 2 games. I like it but for some reason i thought it would have some sort of campaign mode . So far i have palyed through as a warring race and a technological race.
Im not really sure if i want to keep playing or just send it back to gamefly.
I also still have bully from gamefly which i just cant seem to get back into.

Also i have beaten bioshock finally and OMG is that game amazing. Its probably my favorite game i have played in a long time and definatly one of the best shooter storylines ever if not the best.


Rock band 2

I Went crazy playing rock band 2 last night i played it till like 3 am i got like 3 achievements so it was well worth it lol


Do do do

Been playing a bit more Rock band 2 and more WoW

In Rock band i just got the singing 100% achievement and i played a bit with my GF which made it even more fun

ON WoW ive teamed up with a hunter again for my arena team and i also have started a warrior and gotten it to about level 16