Perhaps I shall Blog?

So I was sitting here looking at my Giant Bomb page and thought to myself hmm i should blog. A lot of crap has gone down since my last actual blog.  
I have been in 2 plays at my college in which I had middling roles in both. I doubt you want to hear about my personal like too much but I figure I can at least give the titles. 
I was in All My Sons in the fall semester and Grease which just wrapped about 2 weeks ago. 
On the game side of things I have beaten a pretty decent amount of games this year as you can see if you look at my Lists.  
I've been keeping myself busy with a full load of classes this semester which are just about to wrap up tomorrow and then finals next week which I"m sure will be oodles of fun.  
Once the semester is over im hoping to just take a nice long break and finish up Kingdom Hearts II which is the next game I am attempting to finish from my ever growing pile of shame.