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Despair: It’s right in the title. 0

There’s a lot to appreciate about Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, as it shifts directions to be the co-op multiplayer game that it tries to be, but it ultimately falls flat on being a cohesive experience that can even alienate even the most die-hard Castlevania fan.Since the beginning of the Castlevania franchise, there has always been the same formulaic foundation to the game - character-action and the simple premise of waltzing right up to Dracula’s Castle, walking inside, then taking down Dr...

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A slightly above-average pastiche of tedium. 0

Before placing any kind of judgement on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, it is important to realize the intention of its creation, which is an attempt to take the Castlevania franchise in a new direction, or even as an attempt at an alternate franchise to the classic 2D gameplay that the series is so highly regarded for in past iterations. However, even though there were 3D Castlevania games in the past, Lords of Shadow feels like a missed opportunity as it tries to break that 2D mold once more.The...

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Basically good. 2

This stark, monochrome, gothic Xbox Live Arcade title has far more merit and value based on its simplicity rather than its complexity. In a world where current-generation games are loaded with technology and eye popping experiences, Limbo defies these trends and takes an introspective mantra where less is definitely means more. Before everyone starts jumping on the bandwagon that Limbo is this year’s Flower or is just a reincarnation of Braid, let me guarantee you that Limbo has far more going f...

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