Best of 2013

List items

  • Before I started writing this list down, I never would have said this was my number one. However, after looking through everything that came out this year, I realized this game was just a complete package. The characters are well written, the action is fun to play and watch, and the story held me from beginning to end. The folks at Naughty Dog really knocked it out of the park with this one.

  • Hey, Saints Row III? That game was one of my favorites of the generation. Saints Row IV? Really just Saints Row III+. So that's cool, I wanted to play more anyway.

  • Tactical RPGs have always been my favorite genre of game. Hell, I bought Final Fantasy Tactics 8 different times, and 4 of those were just replacement copies for PS1. This game has an insane amount of content in it, not to mention a steady stream of DLC that kept up for quite a while. I also love how the relationship building tied into the time travel aspects of the story, allowing the people you brought together to fight for the safety of all humanity alongside their own children.

  • Bioshock Infinite may not have had the best first person shooter gameplay all year, but then again, who comes to Bioshock for that? The setting is imaginative, the atmosphere is perfectly realized, the writing and voice acting has sufficient gravitas without being hammy, and I actually liked the ending.

  • I love Battlefield. Always have, probably always will. I play this one on PS4, and while I still wish they didn't feel the need to throw in a campaign, the multiplayer will keep me occupied for quite a while. It would actually be higher up the list, but as usual, those servers are taking a while to get stable enough for consistent play.

  • StarCraft is awesome. I'm one of those weirdos that actually doesn't play multiplayer, I'm just here for the campaign, and Heart of the Swarm does not disappoint. Blizzard brings their usual flair to the beautifully rendered cutscenes, and an imaginative variety of missions and campaign specific unit upgrades keeps the game interesting from beginning to end. Also, suck it Mengsk!

  • I've played Pokemon since the original releases, and even though I haven't played every iteration, I've played enough to know they don't really change much. Fortunately, while not a huge departure, Nintendo decided to try some new ideas out with the most recent release, and it really rekindled my love for the series. Sure it may have something to do with the fact that they just gave me a Bulbasaur by the third gym or so, but whatever, I like it.

  • Grand Theft Auto V has one of the most entertaining groups of characters to come out of game writing in a long time. Unfortunately, it also has one of the most generic, boring, broken multiplayer features I've seen in a long time. Even more unfortunately, after the multiplayer feature launched some weeks after the game's initial release, it tied itself intrinsically into the single player experience in a way that actually made it harder for me to just play as the interesting people. If not for that, this would be much higher on my list, but it still deserves a spot for how much I enjoyed it before the online portion came out.

  • I have enjoyed my share of Devil May Cry games in the past, but I am not exactly one of those superfans you hear speak of on "the internets". Hence, I was not put off when they decided to scrap super anime Dante in favor of this new short haired fellow who is probably super into the Ramones. This game has tight controls, interesting level and enemy design, and oddly enough an interesting story. All together a solid affair.

  • I love super heroes. I especially love Marvel super heroes. I SUPER especially love Marvel super heroes made out of my favorite childhood toy. This game is adorable, but the writing is actually funny in a way I could still appreciate. The action is not too complicated, but it's flashy and entertaining, and there's SO MANY CHARACTERS that I can't help but love it. Also, Nick Fury totally makes a Pulp Fiction reference in the bonus level. Who saw that coming?

  • This is an honorable mention for my beloved old friend DOTA II. It gets an honorable mention instead of a spot in the top 10 simply BECAUSE it is an old friend. Come on son, this game did not come out in 2013, even if that is the official story.