A newbie!

Hey fellow gamers! 
"As the new kid on the block", I am slowly but surely trying to get acquainted with the site and the users, finding out more and more stuff about the great concept that is Giantbomb, but also learning a bit about the difference between being a gamer in Europe and in the US. Because there is a difference when looking at how US gamer sites and gamers in particular observe the gaming world as it is. Because you are in the middle of it, you are the onces who always gets the great stuff first. But also US gamers are flooded with info and commercials regarding the gaming industry vice versa how much it fills up the European market, when thinking at tv commercials, magazines etc. 
Therefore it is very interesting and fun to be active at a american gamer site, that has a very different approach to the gaming industry :-) 
But enough with all the meaningless words of the mind. If you are interested, check out the Danish gamer page which I have been a part of for some time. I know that it will be just a lot of words and stuff you probably don't understand, but again, only if you are interested :-) 
Ps. If you are a Splinter Cell fan and looking forward to digging into the fifth and new installment of Conviction and fresh on some CO-OP or just Multiplayer, then PM me and we will go Live ;-)