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I am a full-time employee of a large well-known company.  I own a home with my wife and can afford all the games and consoles I want so fanboyism is inexplicable to me.

As for gaming, I am a recreational gaming vet playing games since the Atari 2600 days.  (I still have it and a few good games in my garage.)  I am not really aggressively competitive but I do TRY to win.  I am good natured when playing online with others but you might hear me yell at campers and spawn killers now and again.  I have little patience for immaturity so if I don't respond to you during an online game, you've probably already been muted.

I blog all over the place.  I pursued it professionally for a while but couldn't get my foot in the door.  This industry is growing more popular every day and it is more who you know than how you work which will get you the job.  The closest I ever got was an interview at GameSpot for a position which I lost to a now regular on The HotSpot.  :(  My dream was shattered but it brought me back down to Earf.  (Independence Day)  Taking the job would have involved a pay cut but I would have been happy doing what I was doing which is something not a lot of people can say.

As long time fan of Jeff and the classic GameSpot crew, I was sorely disappointed when he left.  I have followed him here and am looking forward to participating in this wikiwikiwiki experiment.