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3DS Movement

Friend codes are stupid. I think the only ones denying this are on the Nintendo payroll. That said, as an adult they have become more of an impedance than anything. I've played online, I've played with my cousins and nephews and we don't even bother to trade the codes because we want to use all the time we can to play, not enter long strings of numbers with a tiny stylus.

So I started using the personal greeting as a friend code sharing area. I know this only works one way but if we all start doing this and it becomes the normal thing to do...we can bypass that inane restriction. Then when you get home you can add them at your leisure. Hopefully the people you meet will add you too.

I know its not an ideal solution but its a workaround that needs everyone's support. A real movement.

Whatd'ya say? Are you in?

  • Enter the Mii Plaza
  • Select your Mii
  • Select Mii Settings
  • Select Edit Greeting
  • Change the greeting to display your friend code!
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