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No time like the right time.

I'm a father now, have been for 3 years. It has been a long dry run with my thirst for video games satiated exclusively by short bursts of portable and mobile games. Sure I've picked up a few of the bigger console blockbusters. Many of which I have yet to finish and more then two still sit sealed in cellophane...(Portal 2)

My kid is almost 3 now and he's not really a sit down and watch TV kind of kid. (He takes after his mother with all that running outside in the grass and exercising and crap.) Lately though he has shown interest in my iPhone games so I picked up a few simple slider puzzle games for him to enjoy. He likes them.

My question to all you parents out there, I know you're out there somewhere, is when is the right time to introduce a kid to video games? Serious dedication and skill games not mobile/flash toys. I realize that all children are different so I'm not asking for an age specifically but a maturity milestone sort of recommendation.

Oh and while we're at it, when do you suggest I introduce fighters and shooters....?