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#1  Edited By HektikLyfe

I have a LOT of 360 games and very few PS3 titles.  I enjoy the games on both systems equally.  I like the more responsive OS on the PS3.  But as for the games, it is rare that there is a clear winner on multi-platform titles like this.

I am not obsessed with my gamerscore, but that is a little bonus and a motivator to play the game a little more.  Graphics ARE important.  this is part of the reason we buy newer hardware every generation.  Video games.  If the game looks better on one system or the other, that will be a point in favor of the better graphics.

This is what I know.

There is no rumble.  That sucks.
You can't create you own Jedi.  That is a lost opportunity right there.
Installation is only available currently on the PS3.  Faster load times are always appreciated.

This is what I want to know.

Is there any difference in the graphical quality?  There aren't enough reviews out there.
Does one version have a smoother framerate than the other?
What is the "extra create a soul content" that is advertised for the limited edition?
Will you be able to download the other Jedi for a fee?  (Yoda/Darth Vader)
Does the PS3 version support trophies?

Why I am swaying.

The 360 has my friends.
The 360 has a terrible digital cross.
The 360 has points!

The PS3 loads faster.
I have only 2 friends on the PS3.
The PS3 has a better digital cross.
I don't know if the PS3 version supports trophies.

Can any of you guys help me make up my mind?

  • 36 results
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