Top 10 relatively popular gaming consoles that were WORTH skipping.

I collect consoles. I still own every one I've ever purchased and all of them, including my Atari 2600, still work. Except for the 2 Playstation 2's that broke for no justifiable reason.

I wanted to compile a list of consoles that it wouldn't have hurt to skip. Sold in the U.S. only. I'm not looking for imports.

List items

  • I'm going to catch a lot of flak for this one but...

    At the time, it was awesome. It was fast and it had games Nintendo wouldn't dare to promote. Blood in Mortal Kombat, six face buttons for Street Fighter II, Vectorman, Sonic & Knuckles pass-through cartridge etc. etc.

    ...but in retrospect the games just didn't hold up. I can go back through my collection of hundreds of games and the ones I remember most fondly from the 16 Bit era are the ones on the SNES.

    I should have saved my money and used it to buy more Super Nintendo titles.

    Mario is still playable, Sonic just isn't.

  • TOUGHEST one to put on this list. I can honestly say it was one of my most favorite systems. It had SO much potential it was a damn shame to watch it die an early death.

  • This one was tough. It DID have some good games but just not nearly enough.

  • THE MACHINE was capable of so much and the games didn't really take advantage of it. Focusing instead on ports instead of focusing on the strengths of this portable console made me regret this purchase.

  • Halo. One of the greatest games of all time that reinvented the shooting genre and was the beginning of the end for the dominance of this genre on the PC. But that was it. It had a lot of innovative ideas but return on investment was just not worth it.

  • An interim product that was worth skipping.

  • Daytona....

  • The concept and price tag was ahead of its time. Unfortunately the technology wasn't.

  • Same as the 3DO.

  • Do the Math. It was expensive and the games were crap.