Action Games I've Finished

Action! that requires martial art or guns or vehicle or even just punch! any tools could be useful to get the job done and has action scene and adventure; its Action Games.

2002~2008 The Thing Complete Campaign can't count it***

2001~2005 Oni Complete Campaign can't count it "Sealing the game in 5 hours" one run 2003, around that***

2020 Gears of War Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Mafia Complete Campaign 1x**

2010~2012 Mafia II Complete Campaign 3x*

2019 Advent Rising Complete Campaign 1x

2009~2011Collapse Complete Campaign 3x

2020 Deadpool Complete Campaign 1x*

2002 Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 Complete Campaign 0x couldn't continue boring!

2001~2020 The Rage Complete Campaign 2x

2020 Banzai Escape Complete Campaign 2x

2020 Rogue Trooper Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Just Cause Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Just Cause 2 Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Tomb Raider Complete Campaign 1x*

2020 Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Kane and Lynch 2 - Dog Days Complete Campaign 1x

2001~2020 Dino Crisis Complete Campaign 1x*

2000~2020 Dino Crisis 2 Complete Campaign 1x*

2020 Stranglehold Complete Campaign 1x**

2020 Wheelman Complete Campaign 1x

2020 The Punisher Complete Campaign 1x

List items

  • Master the counter-attacking move and the game goes smooth.

  • The first survivor game I've played, the best is you play in a snowy place. Don't waste the flame gun it has a purpose*

  • It's like I used a Time Machine to go back to the classic era, and lived as a gangster and I really enjoyed the story, was like watching a movie.

  • Nice good game, it looks like Fighting F.

  • Good story, bad gameplay with many bugs.

  • It's has a brainchild idea! action & stealth, not half bad game.

  • Like GTA, but with Mexican style, and in shiny islands, not half bad.

  • With all these games been executed at that time, the only game "He fled with his skin" was GOW and kept going till now. b

  • Really cool if they plan it for a movie. was exactly watching a movie, the story is strong, but at ending the juveniles just get short and fast! and the gameplay is good too.

  • Action scene, conversation thug life! the graphics details are really good like you are in shanghai. don't know why the game story was short!

  • Classic on this game is an unordinary, perfect classic word.

  • *The rage mod supposed to be in expansion, not bad at all, but without EN!! at least en text!!

  • Massive destruction! blow everything, one thing was stealing the fun, the geometry and vehicles play, wasn't balanced well, and the ending is politic per excellence ;)

  • What to say, the game is fun and the graphics are amazing, and the gameplay is cool, you just going to reply the game to try other weapons xD

  • Adventure, shooter, action scene, details a lot of details! don't know why they didn't match it with the movie, or the movie why didn't match it with the game! however, I enjoyed the game, was a strong reaction of character I ever note before in any games.

  • The non-famous game 2008 and really cool system play it has, combo move, collections of weapons, even the story is good

  • Cool game and I try as could to be fair to rate this game.

  • So exciting to play this game ones more, with intense to see the end of it, but really was hard, the puzzle, "at that time"* Update note: really these codes think are annoying, but at least finished the game, and saw the ending. it's really like that movie ;)

  • I try it at that time, but the PC already famous with action games, so I postpone playing it, till recently, and like always PC better for graphics, even the controller is smoother than PS. I don't know! they should re-release all old games from PS PS2 to PC now.

  • Crashing into action! the special move gives an impression of a real movie. GG

  • Presentation nice, but after a while, I start to encounter bug everywhere! also steering option is low class! with the open-world city not that interesting to make player keeping play, poor Vin Diesel he gets involved in this game, but one thing for sure, anyone who enjoys playing Gun & Run, without touching the story mode, probably he will like it.....probably!

  • Punisher overdo justness!

    Cool game could be a movie*

  • It was worth a shot! so I try it a few times, and if I say finish it, that will be humiliation as a Gamer. it's just a Butty game!