Action Role-Playing Games I've Finished

When players have full control of a character, or free attack to any direction, and build talent spell, or manipulate the system damage, or to care about the character even how it looks! and to keep leveling & farming items until the game is bugged! that's what I call it the endless fun joy of loop game-play, and I'm not sure yet to stay with title ARPG! but I leave it for now...perhaps in better mode and good condition I going to rename this genre kind of games ;)

2001~2002 Diablo II, complete campaign 2x

2002~2019 Diablo II: Lord of Destruction ∞

2011~2019 Torchlight, complete campaign 3x*

2012~2014 Torchlight II, complete campaign 2x***

2004~2018 Sacred, complete campaign 2x***

2018 Sacred Underworld, complete campaign 1x

2003~2007 Blade & Sword, complete campaign 2x

2006~2010 Throne of Darkness, complete campaign 1~x

2015~2016 Hatred, complete campaign 1~x

2020 Victor Vran, complete campaign 1x*

List items

  • I loved the idea of how to care about characters and build him to makes it more more stronger.

  • To match the talent spell together and use suitable items for class, it just makes the hero undefeated! and the proc fixed will, and more balanced.

  • Astonishing Amazing Game, and the best RPG-strategy-adventure Game during golden age games.

  • Nice graphics, good story Hunter & Vampires, a stylish world with nice touch Cards design, and the rest of the game and farm items, and keep leveling, and the unlimited style build damage play from Destiny cards is joy & fun. GG

  • Reached LVL 99 before the 5 chapters on hell! and still playing, the new achievement to reach LVL 99 before hell difficulty!

  • The idea of effects spells from gems is really cool, and I upgrade my VGA & RAM just to see the full effect of multi gems spell at once, what a cool sight :D

  • More zone more quest, and island with fight monster.

  • Like Diablo II game, but in the samurai ninja era, and a bit harder than other similar games, with own style, not half bad.

  • Empire Earth game includes video trailer, and then watch it I looked for it, since I fan of the Diablo II game. The game, not a long journey and the idea of the spell was new, and it has its own touch with characters build system.

  • The dynamic, gameplay, character style, even graphics, all of them good, but when looking to the story, there's none just shoots! and so the fun play will fade after a while.