Arcade Games I've Finished & Played

(1 coin or not) the hard-core-road-and joy of old days

List items

  • Easy, not hard to memorize waves, and fast to play. the art of jet plans the USA really cool, I kept drawing them in every Painting lessons on old school days, especially my Ghost Aero.

  • I never saw someone else finished this game!

    It has a trick that you can attack the last boss without let him reaching you.

  • Actually more advance than the C&D game, and easier. Favorite character Ninja ;)

  • Watching cartoons, and ply the game was a joy.

  • You can finish the game even when they went crazy behind you.

  • easy game.

  • Shoots everywhere.

  • I didn't know he is a singer! was thinking some kind of gang mafia :p

  • If you died there's a chance to back to the game, of course without pot another coin ;)

  • 2x forward + kick = invincible

  • I respect this game more and more after I played Diablo, dungeon siege, sacred.

  • The last team you against, the players just so ridicules fast and furious '

  • So it's was Brawl not normal football XD

  • It has a strategy. you need just to stay in range, and switch side fight when they reach you.

  • Wasn't easy at all.

  • Cool game with Gun and privet cabinet, not a long game yet not half bad.

  • It was the last adventure game I played on arcade.

    These games are relay tough to play now! but it's possible to beat it with a co-player. wonder why they did not do retro with such option*

  • When I can't finish some other game I back to this easy game.

  • Like the idea of how you need to collect bananas to keep the time up. at that time any game has score numbers, it's pulling the player to challenge, wherever the game look is :)

  • I only see Robot, and that's enough to spend some coin :)

  • One of hype arcade late game I played, wish of any reboot, sense the Platform game start shine in these days.

  • Many move, many ways to Grip, special power! many tricks, truly action games. Problem! the thugs moving too fast and confused, and bosses the easiest!

  • I tried this game in 2 countries, first just moving the steering!kid! the second time was more advance play, and from now on I start race game until now xD

  • Car game, so that what call it xD

  • One of the first car games I ever player on Arcade.

  • The color of the game still flashing me :)

  • Cutie car game.

  • Color full game.

  • Not easy at all! need 2 players for sure, to beat it normally.

  • I only play it with a buddy, couldn't dig it alone, but it has memory.

    Doesn't have many moves only 2 and 1 in air, simple half good.

  • A bit hard than 2, with a classic airplane! I still prefer the old design of a fighter jet.

  • In the old days, my focus on MS more, but ST has something cool, to play with co-player.

  • It's has a style of MS, with the more free move-in screen, and dance to get bonus ;)

  • At the end of the nineteenth era, and it's easy to play, and has a strategy of corner screen. not half bad

  • An old airplane of WWII, not half bad.

  • Never mastered the game, not when I was a kid, and not even now, the AI just ridiculous! the AI play compare with your play, yet this time I know how to play it at least, and really I liked the strategy of increasing powers of players :))

  • Was remembering a game with the last boss look like a virus! and so I kept the search for a game that I played in the past until I found it and kill it. hope the realty will be peace ends :p

  • The Droon is cool, and it gives technique to avoid a big hit or to run from suicide fatal hit, really cool idea. GG

  • After wipe a few times, I start to understand the strategy of weapons style how to build, and what best tactic! gg

  • I impressed now more and more! in old games, not all airplane fighter arcades are the same, each one has a unique idea and game-play.

  • Nice game, and easy at the beginning, but in the end, it's got hardcore.

    Different types of aircraft, with tactic weapons unique to play, not half bad game.

  • It wasn't that hard game, and fast, and the bosses are the easiest fight.

    There's a screen shows that I reload the weapon, so I consider it as FPS x)

  • Not flesh Flash! not half bad game, and fast one.

  • I didn't understand the point of transforming! it's a nice idea, but not much of strategy, and I found out the game from the beginning is hard ridiculous.

  • Always dying at the second chapter, when two goblins! push that spike gate behind me. at that time I was very cautioned to play arcade to finish it with one coin xD

    Easier than the first chapter, I can even corner bosses at the end of the screen! most of them.

  • I understand the game more perfect to play with co-player; the game has unique style play, one to keep avoid, other with solving it! not half bad game.

  • It was a good punch game, only old men I saw play it.

    When I try it recently, I found out there's actually a strategy to play, most common foe need to use a punch, and other need to equip knife, and some rare enemy or boss need a gun, and the last thing; need the fast reaction of some action impact, like an enemy with guns.

  • Always lost at wreck car boss, never pass it.

    Old games focus on the cyborg era too much!

  • Like Shock Troopers but easier.

    Were an easy game, but in co-player it becomes hard.

  • Punch, grab, use a gun.

  • Intense speed.

  • In 1997 and still there and I put some coin on it xD

  • Hype how to ply on real jet :p