Billiard Sports Games I've Played

Also known as Cue sports, and the cue stick, that used to hit billiard balls.

There's was part of my life when I played billiardo, I even masterd a special move; to hit the white to jump over oponent colors to reach my pick color ball, even now I don't know if it has name, but trust me it's the coolest move I ever learned πŸ˜†

List items

  • Best billardo game I ever played. GG

    I play it before had my own PC, and spend a lot of hours on it, we reached the point; how to score multi balls at onse me and a buddy 😎

  • I played on PS too. We toke many hours playing this games, no kidding! to score 3 balls at onse it's something any players should proud for.

  • Cool mode and nice, playing this game in the whole night. But the real billiards is cooler ;)

  • Onse again playing Bilardo, perhaps I need to found a franchise game Bilardo to stuck with....hmm

  • One of those game that's is fun time always, and I call them simple math gamesπŸ˜†

  • Nice pro idea to chose were the point on white ball hitting!

  • I don't know how it's reached my region, still I play it, but really really I never get to see any of those reward or even know in first place! specially I was fresh yet to billiard sport game πŸ˜…