Dead Space Series I've Finished

The story didn't end yet! where's 4? it's OK! I want it in UE3 or even UE2!

2010~2012 Dead Space 1 Complete Campaign 4x**

2011~2013 Dead Space 2 Complete Campaign 3x***

2020 Dead Space 3 Complete Campaign 1x*

2020 Dead Space 3: Awakened Complete Campaign 1x

Issac not dead! and John! both of them strangling to survive alone to reach home! and the shocking ending, that's earth been breach!

List items

  • Horror space! they could make it more horror! and the story is strangely good!

  • This is a horror space, certainly, like the new weapons update, and those many suites ;)

  • Two players, really I like it, it's cool, wonder if I going to play it ones more with a co-player.