DMC Series Games I've Finished

Stylish swords, with guns, and some cool kick punch! this game is cool.

2005~2011 Devil May Cry 3 Dante's Awakening Complete Campaign can't count it

2010~2012 Devil May Cry 4 Complete Campaign 4x

2019 DmC: Devil May Cry Complete Campaign 1x

List items

  • Dive in battle, flexible movement, it's like freedom when play, swing hop on enemy and slide, jump or double jump, or triple! you are the boss.

  • Love the style of swinging the sword main thing in this game, and the main character "Dante" with his funny line, gives a high mood in the atmosphere of the game, and the Vergil katana play is cooool.

  • This game is proof, that we don't need more graphics! only a steady art and good paint, with balanced gameplay, and limited the gameplay in sandbox " zone play in each room" that's will be enough.

  • Unlimited combo! but still, you can choose a few good combos.