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Main information not complete 100%, but still I don't have agenta! like youtuber or Google or any 🩳 videos :)

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Games Been Cancelled

The most tragedy thinks about games that been canceled, that's most of them created by Unreal Engine, the one if* not the most who could run the games completely smoothly in all Consoles such PS3 XBOX & PC, and that these games are between 2005-2010 the golden era of all games in history, and even now in this time if any of these games in my list been re-released defiantly without hesitant I going to play it.

Games Cancelled didn't found them in a database:

Gun Runner: Gun Runner is the canceled sequel to John Woos Stranglehold game from 2007. Thought the sleeping-dogs is the game, but later found was different.

Batman: The Dark Knight: Will they very cautious! and I can say the Arkham Asylum good start on PC, but still frustrating about this game :\

BATMAN The Dark Knight: by Gaslight! at that time they share a video play.

Arkham Asylum by Red Fly Studio

Doom 4: something like Quake 4 gone :\

Prince of Persia Prodigy also know as Prince of Persia Zero

Prince of Persia: Redemption

Dungeon keeper 3

Earthworm Jim, also called Earthworm Jim PSP

Dungeon Siege X The project was originally planned for Xbox

Top Gun 1995 and it already has a menu option!

Ferrari Virtual Academy

Oni 2

Ultimate Blade of Darkness

Ni-Oh, was on of those trailer video ...also event 2005 PS3! Suspiciously =_=

Super 8 it's a game or film whatever? I test an amazing game-play during that demo...ahh humanity :\

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