Grand Prix series Games I've Played

The Grand Prix series, F1GP, Grand Prix 2, Grand Prix 3, Grand Prix 4, and I include other Formula One games, that carry the title Grand Prix, and sure I can spare some garage in this stack for other F1 games, in the end, all of them are Formula one games ;)

List items

  • Wasn't much different than that one on Atari! yet played as though it was the same game. anything with speed is good.

  • Still, I believe there's a way to drift without losing speed!

  • One of the hardiest F1 I ever played! try it recently to remember how hard to slow down the speed, even when just change gear not that smoothly I used to it in other F1 games. "Only for Pro P"

  • I used keyboard! for GP4, not bad at all, sense the max steering wheel need is 20-30 degree, and I didn't have any problem with control in this game.

  • One of the first F1 games, I tried on PS1. The sound was really loud :p

  • I had trouble time to found a button that shows a car! games I played on win 95 has hype memory in me xD

  • It's not easy to play Formula one sport, and so it's not easy to make F1 games*

  • It's not game F1 I used to play on PS1! it's more serious like a simulator, can't say it's not fun, but perhaps if I were in a zone of F1 game " like now" perhaps I will like it.

  • Its race game but! sound different with no obstacles, and high speed. the first impression was odd! because in one circle road to keep loop! = F1.

  • Just learn how to slow down before corner, and you in Pole position or! the Pole position is yours ;)

  • I played on PS1 and tried for a few times. still remembering the PS2 taking over! and nearly no PS1 left in any market.