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Halo Games Series I've Finshed

There's a lot to talk about, but the internet is staring weirdly strangly, so no this time!

2003~2022 Halo: Combat Evolved Complete Campaign 2x

2008~2020 Halo 2 Complete Campaign 1x

2011~2022 Halo 3 Complete it 1x (MC)

2010~2022 Halo: Reach Complete it, 1x(MC)***

2009~2022 Halo 3: ODST, Complete it 1x(MC)**

2022 Halo 4, Complete it 1x (MC)**

2014~2022 Halo: Spartan Assault, Complete it 1x

2015~2022 Halo: Spartan Strike, Complete it, 1x

2012~2022 Halo Wars, Complete it 1x*

2022 Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, complete it 1x(MC)

2022 Halo 2: Anniversary, complete it 1x(MC)**

2022 Halo 4: Spartan Ops, complete it 1x (MC)*

Media Halo I've Watched:

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn watched 2 time. It's very boring, if you not a fan or interest in story.

Halo The Fall of Reach, watched 1time

Halo Legend, watched 1 time

Halo: Landfall, watched 1 time.

Halo TV series 9 episodes, watched 1 time. It's was suprise when 117 showed his identity, in first episode, and Who actor has nearly 2 meter height, to suite John-117*

There's a wolf icon on Silver team still can't get answer!...ahh and onse more time with my own story, I did connected with Halo universe games, it's really better than silvertimeline...thing!

List items

  • Surprise to know the game was in 2001! and the graphics is good, and first AI who stuck with you :p

  • Not exactly a new game! It's like an expansion to continue the story, and it's expanded to reach the other side story. not half bad.

  • I asked dude to show me something I missing from xbox universe, sense i never believed in this black box in first place, anyway wasn't bad.

  • Ones more time, buddy trying to convince me to buy xbox instead of PC or PS, I looked to it in that time, as any game like GOW, but it's turn out when I played in full with understanding story...it's amazing, and there's a lot to talk about it. GG

  • Couldn't to play it, there's SCII, but now after I played it recently it's not half bad, has style of mobile strategy game tho.

  • Here my buddy was showing to me the idea of how you discover the story around Mombasa city, actually I liked the idea at that time.

  • One buddy was fan of AS games, and so it's catch my interest, but never finsh it, yet now I played, it's could be like more....ARPG, but it's just shooting Covenant, with decent explaning story.

  • Not half bad.

  • Amazing graphics, cool environment, hell of story, this game is big. GG

    Spartan Ops, is amazing side story. Truly same lvl design from main chapters 4, but Still was good, and sadly they cancelled the second.season.

  • I will say only half G, becouse they forget the other half of G* until than....

  • I keep hearing of online Halo that been cancelled, but in MC you can play many maps, and its same look, and working flawlessly, so no any sad story here.

  • .....its fuuny to see such thing happen, will ad in games not much, but it's happened in the end 😂