Mass Effect Series I've Finished

....can't describe.

2010~2017 Mass Effect with All DLC Complete Campaign 7X

2011~2017 Mass Effect 2 with All DLC Complete Campaign 9X

2013~2017 Mass Effect 3 with All DLC Complete Campaign 5X

Film animate related to Mass Effect:

Paragon Lost watched 2x time.

List items

  • Now I know what it means Galaxy and space..and alien, thanks to Bioware I got born on this time :D

  • Full dialog, a joke, Sad, laugh, sleep, help friends, heat, kill friends, date, romance. I nearly forget I plying the game!!

  • Renegade for a happy ending. ME1 Effect 3. one thing was not perfect, that's I was exploring the galaxy and do side quest, and it should be playable after defeat the Reaper invasion*

  • They did something cool for who playing ME and has ISO, but it's doesn't work with some version, or not compatible with other languages like original game!