Need For Speed Series I've Finished

The game is fun, just simple math. and I Need More Speed!

1999 Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed Complete Campaign 1x not sure nostalgia old days

2000 Need for Speed: V-Rally Complete Campaign not sure just roll the CD & Play ^

2001 Need for Speed: V-Rally 2 Complete Campaign not sure just free play***

2001 Need for Speed II Complete Campaign can't count it

2001~2003 Need for Speed II SE Complete Campaign, not sure just use cheats code and having fun!

2000 Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit Complete Campaign 1x

2000 Need for Speed: High Stakes Complete Campaign can't count it

2001 Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed Complete Campaign 1x

2002~2006 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 Complete Campaign 2x

2003~2010 Need for Speed: Underground Complete Campaign can't count it

2007~2008 Need for Speed GT, and looks like Most Wanted Project

2004~2008 Need for Speed: Underground 2 Complete Campaign 2x

2005~2007 Need for Speed: Most Wanted Complete Campaign 3x

2006~2010 Need for Speed: Carbon Complete Campaign 5x

2019 Need for Speed: ProStreet Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Need for Speed: Undercover Complete Campaign 1x

2010~2012 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Complete Campaign 3x*

2020 Need for Speed: Shift Complete Campaign ~1x

List items

  • Replaced my old lady Nissan 300ZX, with Lamborghini, goodbye 300ZX, never forget you ><. The game-like more pro to play, not hard not easy.

  • A new era with a new car game, speed as speed. Do this magazine with girls on the cover was needed! seriously! are we play race games or...

  • Feel good when I reach 350 speed, and it includes every supercars x)

  • Black car fastest one, and the red one "Lamborghini"

    NFS II SE: Cheats code cars were funny, dinosaurs, handcart, red car "old Lamborghini"

  • Second rally game I played after the arcade one. nostalgic.

  • Road & Track! I only remember my black car that's all and the graphics on PC more shape.

  • 2 Players 1 screen and all the world talk about Lamborghini!

    PC: Like always PC better looking! and the play is better than to cut the screen*

  • The music in the background so intense when racing. I can't recall any other racing game that has this idea I guess NFS was first!

  • Best graphics game rally at that time with smooth control, and most of the time the CD is missing! always sold :\

  • NFS is always better for average gamer drivers! why? because it's not painful like the reset race games, still curious about the police car, why it does not cheat like when they chasing me!

  • Used wheels when playing it, for few times, I didn't know there's such stuff for a racing game.

  • An open city, you can drive where you want, like a driver game or GTA. They tried to make NFS Sim racing, I say to NFS GN & GL next time, and never try this again! "yet they did it on shift" :\

  • Open world Free cars, speed, run from the police, supercars! amazing game, even the idea of downtime...everything is cool.

  • I kinda lost interest in halfway of the game! perhaps the balance is off!* but still, love NFS series sense each one completely different than that before b

  • I will be honest, AI play compare with your car! so off-balance, and dynamic off! easy too much, not that pro race, and because of effort and story, I say; still not half bad.

  • NFS pro with more improved graphics + simulator this time! there's a problem with drift or rather to say a glitch, yet I found a way to enjoy the game, how so not to try new ZR with a little bug speed ;)

  • Not half bad, the roads race kind remind me of Most Wanted!, and I didn't care much to play more, how so and there's a better atmosphere in Under Ground already ;)