PC Games I've Finished & Played

Here all PC bought or build till now, I don't think this is logic, to buy a PC around 299~399$ to play games, seriously!

The first PC bought 1999: (the aim to run RA2 & Recoil)

CPU: Pentium II ??!

Motherboard: ??!


Sound Card: creative ??!

HDD: 8 GB ??!

Power Supply: ??!

Monitor: 22 inches??!

CD Drive: ??!

Mouse: leaser ??!

Keyboard: Microsoft.

The second PC bought 2002: (the aim to run Warcraft III smoothly & Play CS)

CPU: AMD ??!

Motherboard: AMD ??!

Ram: 512 SDRAM ??!

VGA: built-in graphics

Upgrade PC 2003 VGA card TNT (reason; to play MP1 & Generals)

Upgrade my CD Drive in 2003 to DVD Drive ( reason; new game new size and need DVD)

The third PC bought 2006, my build completely* (the aim minimum price with the ability to run every game for next 5 years) as I calculated.

Motherboard: K9N SLI Platinum

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5200+

RAM: DDR2 Kingston 2GB

VGA: MSI GeForce 8600 GT 128 GDDR3

HDD: Samsung 500GB

CD/DVD Multi Drive: LG

Bought Controller "Gamepad" in 2007 "Microkingdom" (for DW4 & DMC3 & NFSC).

Replaced old Monitor with LCD FLATRON LG in 2011.

Double VGA Card, same type: MSI GeForce 8600 GT 128 GDDR3. Using SLI technology.

The fourth PC bought in 2017 my build completely. (the aim minimum price as I could)

Motherboard: Intel Desktop Board DH61SA

CPU: Intel Pentium Processor G620

RAM: DDR3 Kingston 4GB

VGA: Geforce 210

Fifth PC in 2019 or rather to say, upgrade & gather part from what I already have from old PC owned.

Motherboard: ASRock G41C-VS bought*

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.20GHz bought*

RAM: DDR3 Kingston 4GB same from Fourth PC.

VGA: Geforce 210 the same from an upgrade to the third PC.

Upgrade: Intel® Pentium® D Processor 925 3.00GHz*


2003~2009 Blade of Darkness, complete campaign can't count ∞x***

2007~2020 Hellgate: London, complete campaign 4x*

2019 Hellgate: Tokyo, complete campaign 6x

2010~2013 The Witcher, complete campaign 4x**

2012~2015 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, complete campaign 3x with (All DLC) 3x**

2004~2008 Chaos Legion, complete campaign 5x*

2019 Jade Empire, complete campaign 1x

2012~2014 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, complete campaign 3x**

2013~2014 Remember Me, complete campaign 2x***

2011~2013 Mirror's Edge, complete campaign 5x***

2012~2014 Dishonored, complete campaign 2x, with (All DLC) 4x***

2004~2010 Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion, (nothing left untouched)

2004~2008 Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny, (nothing left untouched)

2004~2008 Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge, (nothing left untouched)

1998~2007 Earthworm Jim, complete campaign 1x

1998~2007 Mega Man X4, complete campaign 2x

1998~2003 In Search of Dr. Riptide, complete campaign ∞x

1999~2002 Pea Shootin' Pete, enter and keep score shoot.

2003~2007 Kasparov Chessmate, open & think...∞

2011 Bastion, complete campaign 1~x bored...

2003~2005 Emergency Fire Response, just keep fighting the fire :E

2001~2007 Phantasy Star Online, complete campaign 1~x

2011~2013 Hunted: The Demon's Forge, complete campaign 4x***

2003~2007 Claw, complete campaign 2x**

2000~2002 Silent Hunter, just dives..sheesh & stay cool silence...

2005~2008 Still Life, complete campaign 1~x

2000~2008 Virtual Pool 3, my nightly game :)

2009~2011 Warriors Orochi, complete campaign 2x*

2001~2005 3D Pinball: Space Cadet, when my PC can't run games

2020 Darksiders, complete campaign 1x*

2020 Valkyria Chronicles, complete campaign 1x*** (All DLC) 1x

2021 Tales from the Borderlands, complete 1x (streaming )

List items

  • Game-play 10/10, story 10/10, Master of weapons, combo move, special move, super special moves, secret weapons with own super special move, the great game ever made! it gives the cool impression when mastered different sword style xD

  • Love RPG game with a smart loot system like Diablo, even it has bugs and issues.

    The idea of Affixes spells or enhanced spell effects to items and mod (socket) to weapons really revolutionary for RPG. ( respect ;)

  • The story, gameplay, and classy! - genius

  • The non-famous game. for me, it's better than wow, I don't know why to compare it with wow :p

    Teeth of Naros: New chapter with titan story, and a hell of good weapons.

    House of Valor: you get home and life as king of the arena there :)

    The Legend of Dead Kel: New island with a new castle of yours, and you are a king, and end items, armor sockets with full gems damage, killing even the demon boss with 1 hit! the kind end game this DLC.

  • The game has few thinks as build character, still not half bad, especially we still waiting for DMC3.

  • Tokyo expansion is maxed end items game, and the new items really cool, especially the turtle shield xD, but still the original game far better and well balanced.

  • Martial art gameplay, Nice story, dialog system is cool, but sadly has a tone of bugs :\

  • Master of Witchers. 3 different ways to ply the game.

    Enhanced Edition includes DLC: Elthon's hut & Troll Trouble.

  • Spooky story! and a nice presentation, and good dynamic play. I can say this is a new birth of game-play.

  • Who would think the Parkour game will be that great.

  • The silence mood and mixed with classic, that's what makes the game so great.

  • The last LVL and his sheep card is a real problem, can't forget how difficult it was.

  • Was watching anime at the same time when playing the game. Exciting.

  • All these game card pop after years with these fancy graphics, and unbalanced cards, still can't compare with Yugy game!

  • I finished the game, and there's some move I didn't know about them at all!

  • Nice and fast game, and easy to ply.

  • I played this game before I had my own computer, was an awesome cool game.

  • It was a bit challenging game.

  • I was first at my school, and I should be the first in the city, but due to my age, I lost the points and gone to third, and it was only one month different that cost me the first place. The game was good as Practices

  • Cool game, I heard this game go more calculator if you had a more powerful CPU! I only tried with AMD Athlon, and I-3, still wonder how much harder this game can go with I-7 CPU*

  • I liked the voice in the background, he kills the boring time, since you can destroy everything when searching!

  • My first impression was bad about this type of game, but after a few tries, I start to like how to extinguish the fire from a building xxD

  • Surprisingly that the game could play with others at that time! sadly didn't have a chance to try it with others, in-network, only single player.

  • The non-famous adventure game, 2 players with so much fun, still waiting for the second chapter, the story didn't end!

  • 2012

  • 2012

  • 2012~2013

  • No back story no cartoon, but why so exciting when talking about this game! guess I understand now, I was in love with the cat form

  • I should keep shot torpedoes! but the medium cannon does the wholly work :D

  • Didn't finish it, and can't be bought it now :\

    The puzzle not hard and silence of the game gives cool mode.

  • The nice game has many cool-looking characters xD

  • I'm impressed by how they can bring a Pinball game, to form it in a 2D game, at that time my brain goes deep imaging what can do with windows!

  • Good atmosphere, nice presentation, many as many stuff the games have, upgrade, strategy to shoot weakness spot in the enemy, story! open world, cool game. bb

  • I didn't finish it, or even fan of this kind of game, but after one of random guy convinced me to try it. Yes! it's an interesting game, and even Point and click yet it has action movement, and of course story*

  • First time try it on PS2, the first impression ..didn't like it! latter try it on PC for few times, still so not that sword game I wanted :\

  • Good stylish game; such as DMC, and some technique from GOW. I kept slash until I flash out, good mark start of this Franchise ;)

  • Open the world with new engine graphics! and you have freedom! I feel like I can do anything! there's no end or beat the game, just keep play xD

  • Memory: 2012. when I told a buddy that I killed the first demon "that's look like Mannoroth" with a stick, he insists that's I start streaming the game but was lacking good equipment.

    The good stylish sword & shield play, still I was expecting more advanced play technique. I mean like Blade of Darkness* and better.

  • Didn't finish it yet, but not half bad as hack & slash.

  • It has its own touch nothing like. a new way to play TRPG, and this time SEGA who done it :D

  • Nice story, not boring at all, every action, every moments is perfectly good, and touch one, and Handsome Jack kneel for his life!! No no.. I'm as a fan can't accept that :/