Rally Games I've Played

Race in dangers muddy road with dirt throw inside the engine, with high speed when detour = Rally

List items

  • This too is Sega made! always the arcade race game is always better graphics and more action.

  • Many rally I played in 1999 and 2000, and considering 97 it's good, but I dislike one think about it when the car gets stuck!

  • When I learning the left is mean left! and right it means right, at that point I start to know how to drift.

  • The plan to play WE, we came to play WE! but PS1 still there's and new DVD game rally, even after PS2 been released! was last taste play of rally game :)

  • Officially I didn't buy it or even own it, but buddy insist to show me the new generation of a rally game, and I tried a few times, really was a good play, wonder if I could try it ones more!

  • One of the best Rally game I ever played, with cabinet awesome time. To see the dirt around the car >.<

  • The game becomes simple when you understand the mark before you drift.

  • They still call it rally! when I piss off from others rally game, I pick this one, since it's was easier to play.

  • These race games are rare now, I only saw it on TV or movie, but the game wasn't that bad.

  • I have known this rally game at that time! but now I say this wasn't Rally game, it just races with rally looking car.

  • Wasn't remember it as Rally, it's was an average race with rally cars looking, and surprisingly that has setup car option, I never used it!

  • The control work smoothly, and the easier one from all rally games I tried, and I like it too much xD

  • How so the arcade still better looking! is the arcade stronger!? even at that time...

  • I love rally games, but when they make it difficult to drift I dislike it too much, I still remember how hard it was to drift.

  • Consider the reset of rally game around at that time, this game not half bad, add the impression of UK off-road rally, was a good idea.

  • I tried for a few slight times. honestly, I didn't like it, since the arcade rally still better, not because cabinet, but the car wasn't that cool looks.