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Ridge Racer series Games I've Played

NAMCO idol character Reiko Nagase nicknamed Race queen (The Red Car) and she has a younger sister Kei Nagase (Wingman) from Ace Combat franchise games and her Birth 1987! what a mysterious or just a mistake! NAMCO needs to reveal more info.

List items

  • The better-looking design decent car race games at that time I've played.

  • Was playing without know this different version, Ridge R doesn't like to change much :\

  • Cool Cabinet can't be forgetting T_T

  • Wasn't half bad, still, the atmosphere of arcade still better.

  • I have known this game was the same as that one I play it on arcade, and this one a bit better graphics, still cabinet make different*

  • Two player mode I played, relay no different from the old one, just a bit textures, and same roads!

  • It's my kiddays game of course, but frankly, It's like they bring the same game, and just pot new option, and remake textures, and so new game!