Starcraft Series Games I've Finished

The Starcraft Gundam Century is mod made from Jo Jung Hyun, nickname "Gundam Rush or Bamboo rush" officially"Bamboo Terran".

2002~2014 Starcraft Complete Campaign can't count

2000~2004 Starcraft Gundam Century Complete Campaign 6x ***

2010~2019 Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Complete Campaign 5x

2013~2014 Starcraft II: Heart of the swarm Complete Campaign 3x

2015~2016 Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void Complete Campaign 3x

List items

  • A strong unite on the front, fast maneuver units from the side, some airstrike from another angel "to balance damage per second" group of Lt. Morales* siege tank from behind... and 1 or 2 just Yamato shots* and cover Nuke from Ghost just in case! the game start form perfectly in my Head x)

  • New aura with the new birth of strategy game, best of the best.

  • Build Kerrigan talent, improve skill unite, story so good, the game didn't stop! still going.

  • Really amazing story. and at last, defeated that dark thing! and ones more the allies form, and a happy ending.

  • Space unites! with strategy style play! battleships!... I'm dying >_<