Strategy Games I'v Finished

Start the game with only one HQ base, and little resource, and start building, and farm resource, build a defense around the main base or some critical point in the map, and so gather force, and launch an attack against other opponents: Strategy.

2002~2007 Atrox Complete Campaign for 4x

1999~2013 Dungeon Keeper, only skirmish mode I played

2001~2003 Sid Meier's Civilization III Complete Campaign for 1x

2003~2007 Rise of Nations Complete Campaign for 1x

2004~2005 SimCity 4 Complete Campaign not sure, but enjoyed building the city and destroyed in end :p

2002~2008 Kingdom Under Fire: A War of Heroes Complete Campaign for 5x

2001~2006 World War III: Black Gold Complete Campaign for 2x

2002 Tzar The Burden of the Crown only skirmish

2007~2008 Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon Complete Campaign 0x only skirmish

2000~2003 Civilization: Call to Power Complete Campaign 0x only skirmish

2005~2020 Rising Kingdoms Complete Campaign 1x "Human only"

2003~2005 The Settlers: Fourth Edition Complete Campaign 1x

2003 The Settlers III Complete Campaign 0x only skirmish

2020 World in Conflict Complete Campaign 1x**

2020 World in Conflict: Soviet Assault Complete Campaign 1x*

2020 Act of War Direct Action Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Act of War: High Treason Complete Campaign 1x*

2020 Company of Heroes Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Complete Campaign 1x*

2020 Rush for Berlin Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Rush For The Bomb Complete Campaign 1x

List items

  • People call it, clone to Starcraft, but it has its own touch.

  • GG! strategy tactic, and the best thing, is the story! yeah, the story is hell good!

  • More chapters more play more stories. G.G

  • The game needs a big-time to prepare to attack, also it has the build cool look city ;)

  • I was so excited when I bought, since I fan of the strategy game, but the game was completely different then what I thought, but so what I try it, and finished, need time to understand options.

  • I'm the president :p

  • Amazing game! I kept comparing it with Warcraft, but no idea why they didn't continue as a strategy game!!

  • The best strategy game with airplanes unites

  • They keep saying the game is hard for you! so I insist to play it, it's in an interesting game and so not half bad, and the strategy games I've been playing are far better, at that time.

  • Played after AOE2&1. nothing special, but it's has its own art.

  • No different than AOE, but few rules add, like building walls, and confederacy to make alliance during gameplay, also the defense's tactics was decent & Cool.

  • One of the early game I played when getting my first Computer :)

  • Magnificent Hype High strategy! mixed with encirclement move I ever experience it before in my life! the game is GOLDING S CLASS XD

  • In the first play, the game looks good, but after a few chapters, the game becomes boring!

  • At begin, I confused, but after learning how to play, I start to like the idea to build a city, before you think to launch an attack. the game is Fancy looking :)

  • Same as 3 but! with more improved options, and that makes the game faster. b.b

  • Not big campaign play, and not half bad story, still! the effect was really decent, and the design of units is cool too.

  • Not expansion! a whole new unites with long campaign story, add the battleships war, really Impressive unites!

  • High details, but wasn't enough strategy, they overdo the limit cap to produce unites! can't say tactics games, since there's also building structure, still there's a unique idea, the weak spot of tanks, and they improve it, than other similar games, and really hardcore.

  • The line quest some time do bug! when skipping quest. play on another side of story nice, but ones again no Japanese campaign, and so no battleships :\

  • New hype chapters, with many defense actions, and satisfying with Tiger Tank play and the cool talent ability *_*

  • What a Waste! all this graphics and high nice details went to strategy game!! with story and scenario they made, it could be an amazing FPS game, like Battlefield, or at least like MOH.

  • THE more I look into the game, the more I get frustrating! the game shouldn't be strategy! if they just plan it as FPS such: BF45 or at lest like MOH, with this scenario story, could be a great game :\