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Tactical Games I've Finished & Played

Any games need time with limit number unites or recourse, it's Tactic Game.

2019~2020 Battlestations: Midway Complete Campaign for 2x

2020 Battlestations: Midway - Iowa Mission Pack Complete Campaign for 2x

1998~2007 Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, Complete Campaign 6x, sealing the game in 3 hours or less 2005

2002~2003 Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty Complete Campaign for 1x

2000 Army Men Complete Campaign for 1x

2002 Army Men II Complete Campaign for 1x

1998~2000 Worms 2 Complete Campaign for 1x can't be sure just in and play ;D

2002 Worms Armageddon Complete Campaign for 1x

2003~2007 Neighbors From Hell Complete Campaign for 1x

2019 Atlantic Fleet boring couldn't continue to play

2019 Cold Waters boring couldn't continue to play

2020 Tom Clancy's EndWar Complete Campaign for 1x*

2020 Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders, Complete Campaign for 1x

2020 Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, Complete Campaign for 1x

2020 Faces of War, Complete Campaign for 1x*

List items

  • Battleship is marvelous looking, the sound of cannons is hell good, and the design of historical battleship are cool, and more time to enjoy some favorite dogfight ;)

  • Add more weapons. the game gets real and serious on the strategy way!

  • You can finish the whole game on 2~3 hours when you memorize the quests ;)

  • Amazing graphics, with a cool upgrade, and smart tactic map, but one thing that stops the game to be flawless, is the camera angle :\

  • Nice fun strategy game, and the arsenal of weapons really cool.

  • The replacement of my figure plastic, My new Army Men xD

  • Not long like the first one, and really the old games kinda arty ;)

  • The game becomes more advance with strategy way, not simple, not hard to play.

  • After I spend to much time played tom & jerry on PS1, I start looking for another game with the same type until I found this xD

  • Just if the game were had a less order, it could be a great game... could be*

  • Too many buttons too many orders to do anything! and that what ruined the fun, still the game was a good as the simulator submarine.

  • A lot of potential this game it has, still I say if the game were strategy, or at least like as a complete tactical game, could be a great game, and even in re-release! they should've fixed the camera distance, the game would be more than good.

  • Not half bad game, remind me of Commandos, but here more vast space.

    Very difficult to play at the beginning because the game lack of hint or explanation about the dynamic play, the player needs to discover them on his own, such as: the long-range has better hit, and AP ammunition sometimes through the tank without harm in close range, so my conclusion for both of two games....this is the way of Hardcore play*

  • The graphics been improved and that's nice evolve, with the same rules as the first Soldiers, which is good, and the campaign story really looong, still I enjoyed it.

    Nice touch when they bring the Dam location battle. bb

  • Space tactical battleship, and nice looking, but like always, these phone games like clinking adds more than playing games, anyway the game is good till you stuck on progress till you keep farming or buy with $. Sorry I pass.