Titan Quest Series I've Finished

It's just one game with three expansion, but the age of this franchise from 2006, and kept going, even in 2019 they release another chapter of the game (hope not the last) surprisingly with the same PathEngine! I just want to say they have guts, I give them that. GG

2007-2008 Titan Quest complete campaign ~1x "Lost save files"

2020 Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition complete campaign 1x*

2020 Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, complete campaign 1x

2020 Titan Quest Ragnarok, complete campaign 1x

2020 Titan Quest: Atlantis, complete campaign 1x

List items

  • I liked the mythology story of Greece Heroes, but honestly GOW eat all the mood at that time, and I prefer more collection looking armor, but the structure of the talent tree was very nice that's why I kept playing the game.

  • Here I'm once again, playing this game, and finish it.

    The graphics are will design, but the story, not that vast one, and the items looking what keeps the game in the zone of Mythology story; good tho! they didn't mess with it. b

  • Not half bad expansion, and there's a problem with the drop system, in this expansion! ...it's just very very low.

  • A new expansion*

    Here my Spartan Berserkin Hero invading Viking land, and infiltrate Valhalla! and killing Baldur....with max effort of designing environment details.

    really I liked the details in Norse land, they show in the game that Vikings were also farmers, and living in wealthy land not just whiten mountain and snow place, and this was a nice true touch. b

  • One of those problems I found, that's during my play from the original game till the last expansion, there's no way to rotate the camera to see the environment, and this was the only thing I missed in this good graphics game...perhaps on new next chapter!*