Warcraft Series I'v Finished

1999~2020 Warcraft: Orcs & Humans Complete Campaign 2x

2000~2020 Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness Complete Campaign 2x

2000~2020 Warcraft II Beyond the Dark Portal Complete Campaign 2x

Demo CD 2005 Adventures: Lord of the Clans Cancelled

2002~2017 Warcraft III Reign of Chaos Complete Campaign can't count it

2003~2017 Warcraft III Frozen Throne Complete Campaign can't count it

2004~2017 Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne - Patch 1.13 Complete Campaign Orc ACT II & III can't count it

World of Warcraft, Complete

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, Complete

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, Complete

World of Warcraft official retirement at wrath gate when the game died at the gate of Icecrown with balance tree spell and PVP, and they start ruins the game and manipulate old story from "cataclysm expansion" till recently. "No logic"&"abandon fact"&"funny excuse"

(Shaman Orc, Blood Paladin) and another 6 characters.

I create a map 2002~2004" from the editor of Warcraft 3. the Plan was to make strategy game with the same looking unites, but with my imaging story, or remaster Warcraft 1.

List items

  • The game of life, full of inspirations & dreams. still repeating the great story campaigns from time to time ;)

  • Continue the story of a corrupt prince, and hunger of Illidan, and the marvelous design Rexxar chapters and Horde Raise.

  • So exciting to see Rexxar adventure, and thrall how to lead the horde, and the Jaina how going to leade the human race. Cleared every dungeon, every raid, every quest, every lore quest, max achievements! but all this time I have been playing, never feeling the impression of Warcraft, don't know why!?

  • Amazing expansion frosty in a cold land, many raids, many dungeons, and the PVP evolve to become high hardcore rank, amazing! 100% cleared The game, dungeons, raids, quest, lore quest, achievements 11000 around that numbers, only I missed the wrathful 2 piece set, and hard mode Ulduar raid + ICC raid 25HC :\

  • I have always been thinking to remaster Warcraft 1 with the same editor from Warcraft 3, but it's not that simple due to © :\

  • Far better than first and more smoothly control, and yet still so classy :D

  • Better than the main series and more scenario story, and I'm pleased :)

  • I remember it the demo CD from the Epic games magazine! or was PC zone, anyway, I really wished to released even later in 2003, Sadly nothing happens, after all, only I can play dungeon on Caverns of Time.

  • More zone more race more cool looking items, with nice art, the game keep advance. 100% cleared the game also dungeons, raids, quest, lore quest, only arena PVP I missed on this expansion :\

  • Disappoint me in the end, they just manipulate the story as they want. and destroyed the talent spell and the PVP balance that evolve from 2004 till 2010...just fussss gone!