Secret of Monkey Island LEGO creation.

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"LeChuck is at it again. After having kidnapped Elaine and leaving Guybrush Threepwood to die on a deserted island, he is sailing the seas to find the perfect place to marry Elaine on. But luck was on Guybrush's side. After having solved a series of puzzles and tasks he got the island's monkeys to build him a ship."

Beside playing video games I have started to play with LEGOs again. This is my first video game related LEGO creation that I thought up when I was thinking about doing something fun the the small boat pieces. While thinking if I could make a small sail boat with them I came to the thought that small ships would fit nicely in a Secret of Monkey Island MOC. 
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Scroll of Identify, why?

I have been playing through Torchlight a little and one thought strikes me, does anybody enjoy needing to identify magical items? It feel like a unnecessary step to me. I don't feel that I gain anything from always needing to click on a Scroll of Identify before knowing the properties of a magical item. I would much more prefer that the properties of magical items always became know as soon as they were picked up.


My Xbox 360 is back!

Well it took only a week for Microsoft to repair and return my Xbox. Unfortunately I wasn't available to receive the package at first and had to wait another week for UPS to make another delivery. No biggie, because I had loaned another xbox and could still fulfill my gaming needs :)

I included the piece of paper that came with my fixed xbox. 


"Press START to Play" statistics

I actually like looking at the achievements statistics. You can found out some minor interesting stuff by doing it. For example:  At the time I'm writing this (August the 4th 2009) 20 people booted up The Simpsons Game and didn't " Press START to Play". That's almost 1% of all the people who has played it here on Giant Bomb. I'm guessing they accidentally booted it up and didn't know they were one button press away from gaining 5 easy achievement points :)


Not happy with Max Payne 3

Max Payne?
Max Payne?
When I first heard about Max Payne 3 I was excited, but now after the concept art and screenshots have been release I'm now longer interested in it. I'm not saying I believe it will suck, but when the character doesn't look like he used to and it is not set in a big metropolitan city it doesn't feel like a Max Payne game. It feels more like they are just using the name to sell a generic third-person shooter.

I would love to see another game that had a film noir feeling in it. The original Max Payne character was original in the gaming world (sure there are a lot of noir detectives in the TV and movie world, but not in the gaming world).

I'm will be keeping my eye on Max Payne 3 to see what the reviews says about it, but because it doesn't look like a Max Payne game I'm not putting it on my must-buy list.

My summer vacation has become a little worse.

Last Saturday I became sick and yesterday so did my beloved xbox. It has become a victim of the newly dreaded E74 error. Now I'm waiting for the UPS guy to show up, so my little xbox can start its journey to the repair center.


The ability to block

I can has block
I can has block
You can quickly tell if a game has good or bad combat mechanichs, but it can be hard to tell exactly what wrong. Well, I have recently come to the conclusion that one of the differences between games with good combat and games with bad combat is the ability to at any time during combat, be able to block or dodge. Sure I understand that it doesn't always makes sense to be able to block or dodge, but when I can't block because the character is busy doing his/hers end-of-sword-swing-pose I end up being frustrated with the game.

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P.S. another annoyance: Unbreakable combos.
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