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Return of the Eastern RPG 0

I've played some fine RPGs this year, but until now, none were compelling enough to warrant a full review. I binged on Persona 5 this spring, giving at least 120 hours of my life to another fantasy romp through modern Japan. It was definitely fun, but it wasn't groundbreaking like Persona 3 and 4 were on the PS2 10 years ago.As the summer drew to a close, I dove into Final Fantasy 15, hungry for a game I'd been waiting forever to play. It was impressive on a purely technical level, but solid re...

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An indie RPG that delivers 0

It was a true pleasure to play through Transistor, a short but potent sci-fi indie RPG. It's undisclosed whether this game is taking place inside a computer system (ala the old CG animated show "Reboot"), if it's some sort of simulation, or if this is simply the future and humans have integrated with technology to the point where the two are inseparable. Regardless, people are disappearing and the world is disintegrating as "The Process", a malicious program, begins wiping the city of CloudBank ...

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The Evolution of a Franchise Continues 0

The Resident Evil series has traditionally been characterized by four main attributes. Over the top, campy storylineCreepy horror atmosphereResource conservationAnnoying puzzles The game has slowly changed since RE4, moving toward a more action oriented, roller coaster experience rather than haunting isolation and cautious exploring. Many fans have criticized this move, but after playing the last three installments I believe this is definitely the proper direction for the franchise to have move...

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Dark, Gritty Role Playing 0

Although it's a lower budget and less polished spiritual cousin to past Bioware RPGs, Game of Thrones is an enjoyable experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the lore and atmosphere of "A Song of Ice and Fire."While having seen the show or read the books is by no means a prerequisite to enjoying the game, existing fans will almost definitely like it better and have an easier time sinking into the setting, with many of the locations and background characters already being familia...

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A western RPG worth playing 0

I'd heard and read quite a bit about the original Deus Ex, but never actually played it, so I went into Deus Ex - Human Revolution with no real expectations, just a hope that it could live up to it's extremely cool announcement trailer. Thankfully, it did that and more. Human Revolution does what a lot of RPGs set out to do, but few actually accomplish, and that's have a legitimately meaningful story. It's not just a dramatic tale of government corruption, warring international corporations and...

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The little action RPG with a big heart 0

Nier tried my patience at times, but I'm glad I stuck it out. The gameplay is not overly challenging (on normal difficulty) but the magic abilities you gather over the course of the game offer you a fair amount of variety and keep it interesting and fun. The emotionally powerful story is where this game truly shines. The game world provides a sorrow drenched atmosphere that makes you feel like things could end badly at any minute. The sense of hopelessness makes you want to protect and save yo...

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