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Magicka and Magicka 2 are games that work only as coop experiences.

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I think it was pretty decent. Not flawless and a little too long, but quite enjoyable.

The beginning has its issues and it ended up proving the Russo are not the best when it comes to character interactions... The first third was rather slow and could be shaved here and there. I get that they tried to do mostly exposition and having small personal moments, but few of them felt sincere (case in point, the Hulk in the cafeteria talk). I guess the Russo tried to outdid other directors in their games and they failed, for the most part, besides ignoring a lot of development they went tough on their own: they made Danvers stoic and quiet because that is what she is in most of her own movie but it comes out as cocky and smug, they made Thor humorous because that is what Waititi did but it is cringe inducing at times, they tried to resolve Gamora and Quill's romance in Infinity Wars, which skipped and ignored a lot of subtlety and unspoken things, they tried to have these endearing moments of banter and small talk because that is expected since the Whedon days, but it never felt unscripted...

However, the movie picks up speed in the last 2 thirds, because the action is so spectacular and fanservicey that I can forgive a lot of shortcomings. There is some level of celebration and sincerity in the last part that is quite contagious and awe inspiring... For all the people that complained that the big shots in Civil War were underwhelming when compared to comic books counterparts, they really outdid themselves in the final act of this movie. Several of the scenes in the last part would be at home in a splash page. Scenes like mjolnir wielding Cap, playing running back with the gauntlet and the portals scene are as close to a nerdgasm as we will ever get.

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Mass Effect 3.

The ending is ok. Not nearly that bad as the outrage at the time made it look. Since you played the previous games twice, it should be an easy recommendation in terms of time sink.

Also, it has the Citadel, which is, easily, the best DLC of the entire franchise, if not the entire generation.

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Its a matter of habit, mostly. I have some experience with arcades, so I can handle sticks, and I was used to the d-pad on Sony consoles; but since I switched to the PC, and the 360 controller as my default controller, I have been forced to using sticks since the dpad there suuuucks...

In my experience, dpad work better for games with fewer circle or charge motions, since performing those moves can do some work on your fingertips after some time. Moves like Guile Ultra in SF4 are quite harder to perform with dpads. Also, sticks are better for 3D fighting games for obvious reasons. In that sense, MK is a good option for those that prefer dpad, compared to SF or Soul Calibur.

In terms of controller vs arcade sticks, many people prefer arcade sticks for fighting games with more than 4 buttons, since it is more natural to control than having some moves associated to the triggers and the combos can be performed more easily. There are ways to mitigate that difference, but I find the claw grip extremely unnatural. This has been specially true in the previous generations, where the triggers had a very different tactile ease than the bumpers and the face buttons, with some controllers' triggers being of very poor quality.

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@devman: Don't get me wrong, I am not offended by it, more like amused and in disbelief. When I first saw it, it provoked laughs, not uproar.

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Ehh... I think the selection could be a lot better, or at least, more complete (some noticeable omissions include Dungeons & Dragons, Knights of the Round Table, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs and any vs or fighting game outside of SF 2). In a time when Mame is a thing and it is so easy to use, I believe companies need to do a lot better to justify those little nostalgia expenses.

But the staff reaction to the design is the correct one. That "console" looks hilariously ridiculous. The buttons disguised into the giant logo is not a good look. I don't know who designed it, but it looks like a 4 years old kid's birthday cake from the 80s. It seems like it is built out of candy and marzipan. I fear if I left it in the open for long, I might get some ants problem...

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I don't understand the problem people have with an easy mode. If it is not the default setting, people would have to go out of their way to play it like that, it is an offline game and people's experience will not be affected by how others choose to play it, I see no drawback to having an option for people that want to engage it differently.

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Killer Instinct 1 and Mortal Kombat 2

Super Mario All Stars and Yoshi's Island

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Hasn't Claptrap already dabbed?

I could swear I remember him doing something similar during the pre sequel or something.

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I am kind of baffled by the way Mass Effect 3 was received at its time.