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It looked good, but the previous games from Netherrealm have been so uneven, performance wise, on PC, that I am not going to jump the gun on this one.

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This seems like a trolling move with barely any grounds. It would be different if Netflix was using the phrase in marketing materials...

I wish Netflix wins and then countersues their asses for making them waste time...

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This sounds fun. Count me in for, at least, playing it...

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It really depends on how niche is niche for you. Street Fighter 2 was one of the best selling games in history, Mortal Kombat was big enough to force the congress to pay attention...

If by niche you mean "a lot of people don't play it regularly and it is not covered in news regularly", yes, they are niche. If it means, "a lot of people that play games have not, at least, a basic understanding of how they work and has, at some point in their lives, played a fighting game", I think there are better examples (city sims, JRPG, visual novels, etc...) of more niche genres than fighting games.

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Sheva Alomar in Resident Evil 5. As a character, she is fine, but as an AI controlled character with her own life bar and agency in the inventory, in a game that requires coordination and resource management, she is infuriating.

I don't know if one of the companions on RE6 is any worst though, 5 left such a bad taste in my mouth I never returned to the series...

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@bigsocrates said:

About twice a year they have sales for a full year at $35 so I might wait until one of those swings around and jump to gold.

That makes more sense, economically.

Also, since those sales often happen more than once a year and, if you buy a gold subscription while having one still active they add a year to your expiration date, you can rack up the subscription for a few years each time.

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I thought it was on par with how GOTY has always been.

It was more prevalent in previous years, because they tried to move away from the "lets focus on the negatives instead of celebrating the good" (and I think they mostly succeeded) but, maybe because of the nature of that category, it was bound to favor defects of the games over things the competition did better; but it is not a lot worst than other years, like Brad dismissing criticism of Skyrim, Destiny or DOOM.

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I kind of agree.

Sure, Fallout is a hot mess, I think it belongs to the category as is and it keeps on giving to this day (many things, like the time it would take Bethesda to replace the bags, weren't considered because they happened *after* the discussion), but even that is small potatoes compared to some of the cases out there. If anything, I think it was a disservice to bundle all shitty work practices in the same bag, because they are not the same and having it all under a "work conditions" umbrella tends to normalize things that were highly abnormal. With all due respect to those involved, I can't equate what happened in ArenaNet (a couple writers being fired for being confrontational in social networks) or Rockstar (massive crunching being considered normal) to what happened at Telltale (hundreds of people loosing their livelihood, their insurance, their whole job support in a single day and without warning. Someone even being root out of the country because his working visa wasn't valid, a week after he was hired and has moved).

Sure, some things happen all the time in software development. Projects get canceled, entire teams are layoff or transferred after some benchmark, people are overworked dry because of weeks long crunches, but even with that background, I think the Telltale mess was on a different level altogether... a borderline illegal level. It can't be normalized in a "boys will be boys" kind of attitude.

I can almost sneer at the whole Fallout thing. How every design decision they took seems like the wrong one, how some people thought it was ok to spend 200 bucks in such an obviously flawed idea, how their philosophy of poor quality assurance has leaked into real life items and customer support systems, and how their good will was destroyed when they kept shooting themselves in the feet... On the other hand, there is nothing to sneer at the Telltale situation.

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Gorogoa, Return of the Obra Dinn, Chuchel and Donut County...

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That is now my new headcanon...