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Black as night, sweet as sin.

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Blue Bombing and Vinnyvania are also good features...

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I am going to put my tokens in Spec Ops: The Line, for not being mentioned a lot, and being the smartest story in a shooter I have seen.

Is it the greatest story ever? Probably not, and I lack the experience in many of the other games people have mentioned here to argue where it lands, but it is one of the only (if not the only) game that contextualizes your actions and pulls the rug under you in a genre that is plagued with "you are the good guy, the bad guy has a MacGuffin, here is a gun, everything that shoots at you is bad... now go."

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Not really.

There is a lot of space wasted on the main page on "Continue watching" (which doesn't work well) and "This day in Giant Bomb History" (which is interesting from a trivia standpoint, but not much else) features and very little/no space dedicated to articles/forum/podcasts/not-video related content.

At the end of the day, I use other means to access video content (youtube or mobile apps), so I use the page mostly for the other content. As such, it is a pity seeing that content relegated to secondary menu options.

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Because it was shown on the main stage at E3. The game looks and plays like a PS2 era beat'em up, but its not the worst game I have seen. For someone like Alex, that often had to review some of the worst games that came to gamespot, I doubt its on his top 5, specially in a post-greenlight steam era. That is not to say it is not a bad game... indubitably it is; but it is on a B or C-list bargain bin level bad, not "the worst game ever bad".

The fact it was on the spotlight of the biggest trade show, it was founded by one of the biggest publishers in the world, and the (apparently) earnest pretentiousness of the creative team (that pours on every second of its fmv cutscenes and every tweet they have posted), is making a lot of people pay closer attention.

The comparisons with The Room are not misguided (specially in the level of detachment from real interaction the writers had) although a little too easy. However, like it, I would pay money to watch/read someone do a Disaster Artist of The Quiet Man. The story behind that production seems a lot more interesting that anything else in the game...

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Gameplay > Story >>>> Graphics

I have spent a lot of time playing games because they feel good to play (Dead Cells) or the story and delivery was interesting (Talos Principle) than because I was in awe with the graphics. In fact, having an interesting graphic style does a lot more for me than eye popping realism.

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@wollywoo: I agree. I would feel better if this was another attempt from Scott to revisit the Ancient Rome setting (there are very few swords and sandals movies at the moment), than a direct sequel to Gladiator. This is mostly news to me, but my take is: forget about Maximus and Commodus, set it 100 years in the future (or the past), and have an entirely different protagonist fighting against his fate and with a revenge plot...

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I am on Jeff's side on this. Not because errors are inexcusable (they are not) or the idea that an studio can throw money and time and that should fix every problem (which is also false), but because they have been using the same technology for way over 10 years, and fixing or improving on things is clearly not in their pipeline.

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@bisonhero: No, they were not memorable, and the PS1 versions were worst than the PC ones.

If anything, I think they are included as a mix of brand recognition (like Persona), and it was the best they could negotiate... they are probably expecting people to see the box and think "Grand Theft Auto, I loved that game", without realizing their earlier memories are of 3.

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Not going to lie, in a way it is a little weird.

I am from Uruguay, so my reference is mostly soccer, but even at the time when our home team was a mess (due mostly to rampant corruption), it was odd to find someone that rooted for another team. People that didn't rooted for them or simply didn't care, sure (I was one at the time), but not many people that would root for another team altogether.

Having local teams competing in the nationwide championships is relatively new, but since there is a huge hegemony of a couple teams over every other, it is not rare to find people that prefer one of those over their local team.