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  • If any word can be said to summarize this game, its "unbound". Kamiya makes this game the way he wanted, as over the top as he could possibly imagine. Style, flash and lots of substance ended up in his masterpiece.

  • Excelent writing, interesting characters and a universe so full and complete it could be the setting for 10 more games without getting old.

  • Much more than just an expansion of AC2, this game took a solid framework and ride with it all the way.

  • Precise, responsive and technical. The ultimate version of the best entry in the beloved franchise is here.

  • Where games like Call of Duty tend to increase the "each man on his own" mentality, this game introduces a multiplayer where teamwork and specialization are not only important, but critical in surviving the battlefield.

  • The latest entry in the franchise takes the violence up to eleven and uses the power of the current generation to display it in all its satisfying glory.

  • The next game from the creators of the impressive Burnout series adds new life to the Need for Speed franchise, making it relevant even for not fans of the genre.

  • Clever writting, inteligent puzzles and the best humor this side of Double Fine proves that the point and click adventure games still have life in them.

  • You have to give props to someone that takes one of the most classic franchises, adds some spins to it, and outdo the original makers in many aspects. A prove that you can still make a tired framework work, provided that you add something to it.

  • While not the best in the series (which is something hard to live up to), this game is still a very solid entry in the franchise, adding a dinamic battle system that can feel fresh and interesting at the same time.