GOTY 2011

This is my 2011 GOTY list. For any objection, please consider that I only have a PS3 for my gaming needs.

So, if anyone has some objection about Gears of War 3, Bastion or Skyward Sword not being there, know that I would happily review my decision if someone is kind enough to provide the means.

List items

  • "I am not locked up in here with you, you are locked up in here with me". That watchmen quote exemplifies perfectly the feeling transmitted in this game. Even against platoons of bad guys looking for me, they were in disadvantage. I knew it, and soon they knew it too. So, you have heat detectors, land mines and assault rifles? Never mind, because I am Batman...

    The feeling of being a predator, hunting down my victims one by one when there is little they could do is unmatched be any other stealth game.

  • The smartest writing in any series of this generation; and puzzles that push you just enough to challenge your brain cells, but not enough to frustrate you and search on the internet for the eluding answers, makes this game a one of a kind.

    I was one of the people that has serious doubts whether Valve could make a sequel to the original that would be worth the retail package. I just love to be proven wrong that way.

    Also, one of the best co-op experiences of the year sure helps.

  • This game is the definition of spectacle. Plain and simple. A blockbuster movie made game, Uncharted 3 lives to expectations by raising the bar on each level until an explosive finale.

    The decision of Naughty Dog to put more of the relaxed levels at the beginning sure is risky (the game doesn't "grab you" like the previous one), but by the time you reach the end, you have to catch your breath after all the incredible stunts that happens around you.

  • inFamous 1 was an impressive game in many fronts. One of the best open world games of this generation, one of the tightest third person shooters (despite the fact you never carry a gun) and one of the best comic book stories of this generation (despite some less than great characters). I have to admit I never cared about the original until I tried a demo... after that, I was hooked.

    inFamous 2 takes all that, and build and improve on it on every front. More powers, a bigger city, more variety, better side-missions, badder baddies and improved characters make this a must play for every fan of the series or the genre.

  • Glee is such a weird feeling this generation. I love good epic stories, saving the world, unbeatable odds and gritty wastelands, but sometimes, I just want to chill out and have fun. This year, that was Rayman for me. Every time I played that game (even when I died), I had a smile on my face. Everything, from the sound design to the graphics, from the levels to the enemies, exudes a bright spirit of joy, without being cheesy.

    If you like classic platforms and are looking for some game to couch play with some friends, you HAVE to get this game. Seriously. If, even then, you don't like it, you should call Father Merrin.

  • I am a sucker for adventure games, and I am also a sucker for thrillers. This game matches both, and throws some revolutionary interrogation gameplay down your way to match some impressive performances. Think of it like a grittier take on the Ace Attorney's series...

    I almost feel guilty for liking this game considering all the controversy around it. We may never know the amount of creative work provided by Rockstar and McNamara... But even then, we can't deny how masterfully they recreated a world, just so we can be there.

  • Ok, this was a surprise. I haven't been much of a MK fan since 2, as I consider all the others from decent to down right appalling. However, this "reboot" returns to the good path in a big way. From a story mode that is ages better than any other game in the series and the genre, to a combo system that is on part with all the "big guys", this game is a great reminder than the West still cares about the genre, and this series is still relevant.

  • From the moment you step out of the cave on your first mission, you can feel the expansive world and the sheer ambition of the developers hit you like a wave. There is so much stuff and so much liberty that its insane.

    The reason why this game ranks so "low" on my list is because the PS3 version is kind of busted. Maybe it will be my 2011s 2012 game, but only time will tell.

  • As I said before, I am a sucker for adventure games. The fact telltale took one of my favorite movie franchises and make a game of one of my favorite genres is already a nice thing. And its also good? Color me interested.

    The fact the game features some of the original voices and closes a lot of plot details in a impressive and convoluted (in a good way) story, makes this game a must play for fans of the genre and the movies alike.

  • When I was younger, Marvel vs Capcom was my favorite fighting franchise. Not only let you answer important questions like "who would win in a fight between Strider and Spiderman", but it was so flashy, fast and over the top that make every other franchise look like snail fights by comparison.

    10 years later, they return with a new game and a new roster. I followed each revelation with great excitement and, even when some of the childish magic was lost when I finally play it, I spent so many hours playing it with my friends, slashing Akuma's chest with Wolverine claws, that I can't leave it out of the list.