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  • Taken on its own, Awakening is a fine entry in the franchise. It tries some new things, not all of which work or gel with the Fire Emblem series, but it's quite a good game nonetheless.

    The problem that I and a lot of other people have with this game is that it attracted a ton of fans who judge this as the standard for what a Fire Emblem game is, rather than the more divergent title that it really is when held up next to the rest of the series. Now, Intelligent Systems seems content to appeal to those newer fans who expect new games in the series to have marriage, kids, and other stuff this game was just trying out as a one-off and longtime fans of the series can either put up with the skimpy outfits, petting simulators, shoehorned children, and romance mechanics that allow tons of male fans (otaku weebs) to turn women into trophies like pokemon (waifus), or sit out from the series we love. It's hard not to feel left out in the cold when you've stood by what an under-appreciated creative work is, only to abandoned once the makers of that work strike gold chasing after another crowd.

    I'm not saying that I take issue with this game because it's popular. What I'm saying is that I dislike the toxic fans this game has brought to the series and the pressure this game puts on future Fire Emblem titles to maintain mechanics and ideas that would have been better left as a one time deal.

    Given the legacy this game has ended up having for the series, it's hard to appreciate what Awakening has to offer in and of itself. It's an experimental title that I can appreciate for what it does differently- but that's all it should be: an experiment.

    And don't get me started on the whole waifu thing. It's fucking gross and if you refer to a fictional character (or a real person for that matter) as your "waifu" you're fucking gross. The same series that gave us characters like Minerva, L'arachel, Eirika, Lyndis, Lute, Jill, Lucia, Lethe, Marisa, Sue, Ekhidna, Cath, and plenty of other badass women proudly presents waifu simulator 2015. Step right up you prospective weeaboo trash and pick a gal, any gal. There's no otaku too disgusting and no woman too strong to prevent any female from being reduced to your objectified romantic trophy. Look at this determined woman fighting with everything she has to save a world seemingly destined for demise. For the price of 4 support conversations you too can treat her as your pet wife! Call now and we'll throw in the mother fucking bride class for free. What the fuck has happened to this series.

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